The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I know it's been a while and it will probably a while again since I'm heading to AZ on Friday (SOO EXCITED!) I was told that as cute as Lex was sliding down the slide it was time for new pics so this is just for you Michelle although really not much going on these past couple weeks but getting ready for AZ!! I LOVE that you check my blog!!!

So my wonderful friends The Bean's sent Christmas gifts ON TIME (trust me I know it should have been on time) but leave it to the wonderful MPS (Military Postal System) to get it here about 3 weeks AFTER Christmas! No worries thought the girls were so excited to get MORE gifts!!

Ryan doing her thing (eating the paper of course!)

Her new Little People toy (she LOVES it and Lexi does too!) She kept putting the people in and out and LOVES to dance to the music it plays!

Lexi got new dress up stuff (Princess Aurora whom she adores!) She was so excited b/c it had a TON of stuff! Necklaces, purses, rings, gloves, and, of course, a crown!!

So she proceeded to have me put every SINGLE item on her all at once!! Don't worry she doesn't always put EVERYTHING on her just this once. The girl loves her dress up!

This last picture is just random but I had to share. Travis collects medals. Don't ask me what kind b/c I really don't know. They are from all different times and all different things but he buys them a lot (sorry babe I'm calling you out but it's true.) He has them sent here so he doesn't have as much stuff in Iraq to bring home but he always wants pictures and he's picky about the pictures... particular light, use the tripod, make them good quality etc. (again calling you out I love you but I hate taking the pictures it's not exactly a secret right?? Good thing I love you and it's the least I can do!) I take them on a white piece of paper so the background is better and Alexis watches me. So after I took the pictures this last time I was picking up and come in to see Lexi doing this.
That is her Ariel camera and a magnet from the fridge. Monkey see, monkey do. She is so cute!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One thing I hate about Germany is there aren't really outdoor pools b/c it doesn't get warm enough to swim outside. One thing I LOVE about Germany is there are indoor pools and you can swim even when it's snowing outside! :) Both of the girls had a blast!!! Ryan loved standing up and splashing (and, of course, drinking the water...) Alexis loved the slides!! There are a couple different ones and she loved them both!! (I don't have any pics of the BIG one though.)

Lexie on the small slide.

Ryan just being her normal chill self.

Alexis and Anya are so goofy! They were playing and there was a lady sititng on these chairs so as soon as she left they decided they need some rest and relaxation! :)

Ryan on her step.

Eric, Lexi, and Ryan

Alexis just floating around.


Well it definately wasn't a New Year's Resolution to keep up with my blog! :) I'm posting a few pictures of what we've been up to although it's not a whole lot. Alexis is getting SOOO excited to come to AZ (and so am I!) We finally had to make a paper chain so she doesn't keep asking when we're going to AZ every day!!!!

We finally got the light bulb for her easy bake oven (THANK YOU NATE AND CRISTINE!!) that she got for Christmas from Daddy so we tried it out. She made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It took triple the time that it said but she didn't seem to mind. She had her very own personal size cake!

Ryan is doing so many new things! She crawls around and pulls herself up on everything! She loves to EAT!! She is eating almost all table food. She is clapping and giving kisses (my FAVORITE!) She loves to play peek-a-boo with whatever can cover her face. She is still as easy going as ever and her and Alexis play SO well together. I also had to include this picture of her after church last week. She didn't nap at all and fell asleep before we even left the church in her carseat. We came home and I put her on the floor to take off my jacket and hers and she stayed asleep. Poor baby but they are so sweet when the sleep!