The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, April 30, 2015


A whole bunch of random pictures with some short explanations.  I love these posts because they're full of sweet little random moments with our family.
This is a common sight in our house.  Travis sleeping with kids all over him.

Waffles for Travis's birthday!  The kids love this tradition and I think Trav and I love it just as much!

One day after the library I was making dinner and it was ridiculously quiet.  I walk in to this scene and it made my heart so happy!

David was DEAD asleep standing up!!

Trying on glasses and Lexi's eye appointment.

For military kid appreciation day the school had a wear purple day.  David doesn't have purple so I figured camo worked...  Love these 3 cuties!!

I really want to remember these random things... Almost every morning after dropping off the kids at school we pass this fire hydrant.  David gets up on it and says, "TAKE A PICTURE MOMMY!"  And if I say no he is not happy!

Snuggling waiting to pick up the girls.

Then making silly faces.  We spend too much time together I think.  Poor David.

We got a hair wrap to curl this sweethearts hair.  She just looks so angelic!

Our favorite beach.  This day was especially fun for boogie boards because they tide was pulling them down like a river!

How do YOU watch Daniel Tiger?

They love their little brother and they are almost always willing to help or play with him!

Cutie pie at the park during soccer practice.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Each month at the girls school they pick one person from each class for "Jet of the Month" and they have a specific quality that they pick for the month.  For the month of April the quality was Responsibility.  Funny enough April was the month both girls were picked to be student of the month.  I was very proud because as different as my sweet girls are they really are both very responsible for their ages.  They both have had great years and I'm very proud of what a great little reader Ryan has become and Alexis has started doing math that takes me a while to figure out! 

After their assemblies I took them out early for some frozen yogurt!  As a friend on FaceBook pointed out nothing says responsibility like ditching school for FroYo!! ;)

We had some friends join us as well! 

I'm also including a couple pics from Lexi's other assembly.  She got a couple other awards for the year for her clubs she was in and for basically getting the schools equivalent of Honor Roll.  This is her and her good friend Naomi.  They are super sweet friends who both love school and reading!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


This year I somehow let myself get talked into 2 half marathons!  The hapalua (means half in Hawaiian) is put on by the same people that do the Honolulu marathon.  I thought maybe it would have a little bit easier course and I could get a better time under my belt...  Well I did do that but it was NOT an easier course.  1 mile long uphill at mile 10 that killed me then down for a minute then a couple more smallish uphills.  I will admit I did not rock this race at all BUT I did PR by 13 minutes.  I did finish.  And I did enjoy it up till mile 10.5.  Plus Ashley and I stayed together pretty much the whole time and I was super proud of us both!  She may have only PRed by 30 seconds but hey a PR is a PR (Personal Record.) 
Oh ya more cute matching shirts.  On a scale of 1-10

I'm a 13.1  ( we got quite a few people making comments and that's the fun of wearing them keeps us motivated and those around us! :))

Soaking in the crowd!

We also made it in the Honolulu Magazine (ok just on-line but still we're basically famous!)

Trying to put on a happy face but I was definitely hurting!!

We love our bling!

Official time!  I am super proud!  I really waned to finish under 2:15 but I can't be upset about a 13 minute PR!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This is basically a whole post with adorable pics of David.  Travis and I were really digging the blonde surfer dude look but he kept asking for it to be short like Daddy and we figured why not?  He looks adorable no matter how his hair is but I will admit he looks so dang cute with the short hair!!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Alexis had her Spring recital and she did so dang well.  I was so proud.  When she first started practicing her song I thought it was going to be too hard for her but she put in the time and work and she nailed both songs she played.  She even told a little history on one of the composers of the song she did.  I'm so proud of her and how much she is loving piano!!

Cool calm and collected!

My 3 cuties.

Lexi and Hannah.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


This post has all of our Easter activities we did.  The kids had a great few days!!
They had a little butterfly exhibit that the kids LOVED even though we thought it was a bit cheesy... :)

We ran into the Easter Bunny at the soccer field and decided that was the perfect time to get a picture!

We found our Easter Baskets and were really happy!

The Easter Bunny made Ryan's the hardest to find (I don't think that was on purpose) so she was extra happy when she finally found it!

My 3 cuties!

We colored Easter eggs (with a whisk and it worked PERFECT!)

Too busy to look up for a picture!

The finished products.  I have to boil more eggs every year especially since Travis loves coloring them too.  Luckily my whole family (except me) LOVE hard boiled eggs!

We got to have an Easter egg hunt with friends (The Davis's!)

Ready to go!

David hit the jackpot.

The loot!

We hid/threw eggs all over the yard.  There were over 200 eggs!! (I'm writing this blog over 2 months later and we still have a TON of Easter candy left!)