The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Another fun place in Arizona we like to go to is Amazing Jakes.  My brother described it once as a non-ghetto Chuck E Cheese (haha!) Since I love Chuck E Cheese I obviously love this place too!  The girls have been before but this was David's first time and I love that they actually let him ride a majority of the rides!  We met up with quite a group and I am guessing about half the place was related to me with cousins, aunts, nieces, nephews, dads, brothers, sisters, and even a soon to be in-law!  We all had a great time and we even shut the place down!

David and his cousin Mallorie with Grandpa Jones! 

Ryan and Brooklyn going so fast on the tea cups Brooklyn is blurry!

This ride went straight up and dropped down.  They said David could go on it if I went so I jumped right on and he LOVED it!!

Don't worry it doesn't go too high.

David on the teacups (he's the only one I would go on them with so we coud go nice and slow.  I do not do spinning in circles well at all.

Lex on the rock wall.

Lexi and a my now soon to be sister-in-laws sister, Jacqueline (haha!)

Go Carts! He also loved these!

Lexi was the only one tall enough to do the bumper cars.  And yes it's a horrible pictures.  Out of about 50 pics I am posting the only ones that aren't completely blurry.  These kids were on the move the whole time!
David, Mallorie, and Brenda!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Theresa and I decided one day while in AZ to take the kids to Bounce U.  It's perfect for the kids to play (in air conditioning, critical in AZ) and Theresa and I can do our favorite thing; talk.  I knew they would all love it and they sure did!!  Just an FYI Theresa is 36 weeks this week!  Baby #3 will be here very soon!  Now if someone can just figure out how to get that baby here to Hawaii I will be happy... 
Lex spent quite a bit of time trying to get to the top of this.  I tried thinking it would be easy but you have to wear socks so you basically just slide right down!

Ryan sliding down.

He's got quite the little arm!

Go Kon!

About to make contact!

This was the ONLY non-blurry picture I had of Linc.  I think David is busy until I'm around Lincoln!


Couldn't get the girls out of this area where they were shooting balls back and forth to people on the other side!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


While we were up North you know we had to go on a hike!  Kerry and Dave told us about a perfect hike where at the end everyone put up different random things on this big awesome tree.  So the kids all made some fun decorations to put up and we started out on our hike!  Arizona really is beautiful in it's very own way!  Great hike!


 We had such a great time at the cabin a couple Christmas's ago.  The girls still talk about it all the time!  So we knew we were going to make time to head up to the cabin!  We love spending time with the cousins, sisters, and of course, Grandma Kerry and Papa!  These kids have such a great time together!! 

We relaxed.

We looked adorable roasting marshmellows.

We played at the vanity because the amount of girl cousins far out weighs the boys (but he doesn't mind!)

We took the best bubble bath ever.


In the jacuzzi!

We thought it was the best thing EVER!


We got all matchy matchy for church and tried to get a decent picture!

We enjoyed each others company, being in the cooler air, and getting out of the city!
We crashed on the drive home in the most uncomfortable position!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


ARIZONA!!!  We were so lucky to get to visit AZ this summer.  The kids (and I) absolutely LOVE being around our Arizona family and friends.  As much as we LOVE the military life and the awesome places we get to live I get homesick sometimes.  I would say it's more peoplesick because if I could I would just make all my loved ones follow me around from duty station to duty station!  I have a ton of stuff to post about but had to start with the grandparents.  My kids are lucky to have met 7 out of 8 great-grandparents (my grandpa died when I was 2...)  I absolutely love my grandparents and I love Travis's as well!  They got to see 5 of them on this trip (and only 2 of them live in AZ so it was a perfect time for a visit!) and I had to get some pictures with them!   We have the best family!
My grandma and grandpa Jones

Grandma and Grandpa Pyper.

Grandma Carter!


This sweet baby boy turned 2!!  Everyone will ask how he is or compared to the girls what kind of a toddler is he...  He is actually a pretty easy kid and although he CAN be stubborn he is usually be pretty easy going...  He is however, WAYYYYY busier than either of the girls.  He is always doing something and sometimes it's ok and sometimes he's making a mess.  I've had to re-organize my house a few times and he has yet to sit for even one whole show (of anything I swear I've tried every toddler show out there!)  I know I know he shouldn't be watching too much t.v. anyways but ONE show??  It's really not too much to ask?! ;)  He is a fun and entertaining little boy.  He keeps the girls and I laughing constantly and he knows it!  We love our David!!
I decided I just wanted a small party since we were leaving to head to Arizona and I didn't want to do a big party there because it's always so crazy as it is.  So we had The Holtgrewe's over and it was a perfect party!  Anya and Eric love David to pieces!  Eric was SOOOO excited to give David his first Light Saber and David was thrilled to get it (He always plays with Eric's when we're at his house.)  David also got a stider bike (balance bike) from Lex and Ryan! ;)  He had a great day and was all smiles.

Make a wish!

Getting every last crumb!

What? You don't eat ice cream with a fork?