The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, September 29, 2008


So I decided to try really hard to keep this updated and these are totally random but too cute!!! Like I said Lex is OBSESSED with dress up so Saturday she decided Ryan needed to be a princess too!!! She is SUCH a great big sister and loves Ryan to death!

On Friday Alexis decided to start throwing up... She only threw up 3 times but she was running a low fever all day. Friday night she got into bed and she just looked so sweet with her flushed cheeks and tired/sick eyes. She really was a trooper and I'm sure she didn't mind the FOUR movies she got to watch! OH and the way I first realized she wasn't feeling well was she didn't go straight for her dress up basket first thing Friday morning. Poor baby girl!

This was just taken yesturday before church. Can I tell you how much I LOVE playing dress up with my girls?? They're just so cute!

On another totally random note... The other day we pulled into our parking space and I was getting Ryan out of the car when Lexie said, " eight zero two three I counted right mommy." I said no honey that's not how we count. So she said it again. I said where do you see that baby? She kept pointing and I couldn't figure it out so finally I took her out and had her show me and she points to the side of our building. Our building number is 8023 (Duh.) I was so proud! It was the first time she was recognizing the numbers outside of us doing school!! YAY LEXIE!!!


Coming Clean... Well once upon a time I HAD a dear friend named Lesa but then she tagged me with this... Take pictures of THESE things only rule NO CLEANING. Due to being gone for a month and then Trav being here and then my friends Theresa and Bryatt being here my house is NOT looking great. That being said I had already planned on this week being a "fall clean up week" (I swear I'm not making this up ask Cristine AND Erica I had JUST told them!) Oh well it's not like I'm a dirty person so it's really not terrible... Oh and I'm only teasing you, Lesa, I still love you!

Pics of what the children are doing... Well since I picked up my camera as soon as I saw Lesa's blog they were already in bed. So sweet and innocent!

The laundry room. It's a hard room to take a pic of but there are my military washer and dryer in all their glory! :)

Inside the fridge. Luckily I had just gone shopping b/c honestly if you saw it LAST night you would have worried that I didn't feed my child. :)

Favorite room in the house... My bedroom, of course, especially when Trav is home!!

The closet. Okay this I worked on TODAY. It looks a million times better. We just have NO room in this house. Too much crap not enough closet space!

The toilet. Random and you probably didn't need to see that!

The kitchen sink. Okay so it's not perfect but it was late and I had just had Cristine and Erica over for dinner so it's clean but there are CLEAN dishes all on the side...
Fave pair of shoes. Right now it's these. They are SOO comfy and I'm a flipflop-a-holic. My poor husband hates it!

Dream vacation: Now I realize it says dream but let me just brag for a minute and say I've BEEN on my dream vacation! I LOVE living in Europe. It's a toss up between Greece and Italy. I would one day also like to go to Hawaii just to sit on the beach...

Me in all my glory.
Oh so now I'm suppossed to tag people... The problem is I don't know if anyone else will do it... Oh well lets try and get some of my wonderful family in here... I tag Tara (I want to see where you live anyways) Tori, Traci, (let's see the new house!) I really want to tag Erica and Cristine but I know both your blogs aren't just random blogs (cooking and kid!) but maybe you just send ME the pics! :) Come on ladies I did it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One word- YUMMY!! For Cristine's birthday she wanted to make HERSELF a cake. Well I just couldn't let that happen so I told her I would do it. I was so proud of myself it turned out FANTASTIC. It looked so pretty and it tasted even better! Check out her blog for AWESOME GREAT recipes including this one but there are a TON to chose from!


Ryan... babies just grow and grow and they learn so many new things it's CRAZY!! Ryan can sit perfectly on her own. She rolls whenever she pleases (and that's not often b/c she prefers sitting!) She is SORDA low crawling. I say sorda b/c she only goes BACKWARDS! :) It's kinda funny the way she gets from one end of the room to the other all going backwards and then gets mad b/c she can't figure out how to get back. She is SUCH a sweet, easy going baby. She sleeps 13-14 hours straight at night with 2 naps during the day. Her new thing as of TODAY is trying to clap (Thank you Cristine for starting this it's adorable.) She gets them together on cue she's just not sure how to keep them going. I love this little baby girl!

She LOVES other babies! These are the 2 she kicks it with the most. Annika and Eric. Aren't they adorable!
Happy Princess.
Look at those cheeks (I also for once see myself in one of my kids in this pic. Must be the chubby cheeks! :) )


Well after a VERY busy couple of months I think our life is FINALLY going back to normal! We were in AZ for over a month, then Travis was here, and then our AWESOME friends Bryatt and Theresa came and got married in Greece (congrats again guys!) plus we got to do some hanging out and traveling around here. So now that we are sorda getting back into the swing of things I figured I should post some pics. This is Princess Alexis. This little girl LOVES to dress up! EVERY morning she wakes up and with in 5 minutes she is changing into one of her dressup costumes. Unless we are leaving this is usually what she is wearing all day long! :) THANK YOU to all those who have bought her dress up clothes! She LOVES them! :)

Cindrella eating breakfast.
This is a favorite shirt of hers and if you look at the shoes you will see they are about 3 sizes too big. She actually isn't allowed to wear these for a little while b/c she wore them till her toes were BLEEDING! I even said, "I think your shoes are making you get owies," and she said, "no, it's okay mommy!
Just thinking about how beautiful she is!!