The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, February 25, 2011


Soccer season AGAIN!! :) This time Ryan is old enough to participate as well. BARELY though. The age is 3 and she actually turned 3 the week after it started. She was super excited to play soccer like Lexi. She kept talking about how she was going to have her OWN coach and her OWN team. :) You can definitely tell she is the youngest one on the team but once she gets into it she loves it. Last week they did a lot of drills and she made me stay with her almost the whole time. This week they did a scrimmage and she was all about that! (I think it helped that it was boys v. girls) I love watching my girls play soccer.

Alexis is also playing again this season with her same coach (Coach Bryan.) He is fantastic and we were really glad his wife helped us get her on his team again! I didn't take any pics of her since I have a TON but I will get some once she has a game. :)

Big Kicks
Doesn't she just look like the cutest little soccer player! :)
Loving her new PURPLE soccer ball.

Talking strategy with the girls. :)

She realized I had gone off the field. I told her it was okay and she went back with out a problem. :)

Trying to get the ball although I'm not really sure WHERE the ball was at this point! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Okay another funny from Alexis this time...

I picked her up from school and we're driving to dance. She asks me, "mommy are we in the top of GA or the bottom?" I told her well we're kind of in the middle but a little more in the bottom." She got all bummed and said, "oh man MOM the bottom of GA lost I want to be in the TOP they WON!" At first I thought it had to do with some sport thing or something but then I realized they are talking about the Civil War at school! HAHAHA I thought it was HILARIOUS she was so upset we lived on the "losing" side of that war! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Is it REALLY possible that she is THREE???? Wow these past 3 years have gone so fast. Ryan is such a great kid. She is absolutely coming in to her own (and getting her own little spunk!) I have decided she may not have had the terrible 2's but we'll see what the 3's bring us! :) She is a little firecracker for sure. LIving up to both her name AND her hair color. She always has a question for you and usually an answer as well. She loves school once she's there even if she acts a little nervous EVERY morning. Every afternoon when I go to pick her up she says, "see mom you told me you would come get me." EVERY afternoon! :) She loves Dora, her family, playing outside, baby dolls, and usually whatever Alexis is playing with at the time. She is working on learning her letters, numbers, and shapes (her newest one she's learned is octagon and I love hearing her say it!) She loves going to nursery and since she's currently one of 3 that are usually in there AND the only girl she has every reason to love it seeing that her teachers dote on her! (Yesterday she was actually the ONLY one in nursery. :) ) We are so grateful to have this little doll in her house.

Let me start by telling you all how much I do NOT love characters. I know all kids love their characters but I'm just not a fan of clothes with characters OR birthday party themes with characters. I don't know why that is and I don't judge anyone that does like that stuff. However, sometimes it's just not about me (SOMETIMES!) So I asked Ry what kind of party she would like while at the party store. I showed her luau stuff and polkadot theme stuff... But then she saw the dreaded Dora stuff and she did NOT want to give it up. I even tried to get her to go for Curious George instead but she was not having it. It's her birthday so... Dora it was! She was thrilled and that's all that matters. :) We had a great group of friends come over and we just ate lunch had cupcakes, and unwrapped presents. The weather had been FANTASTIC so the kids played outside the entire rest of the party. It was perfect and low key.

RYan and the set up.

Ya she was just so cute b/c she was so excited!! :)

All the kids (Jake, Dillon, Max, Ryan, Wylie, Dak, Alexis, and Kiera, not pictured Nicolai!) Yes ALL boys except my girls and Kiera! :)

Blowing out the candles. She loved when we were singing to her!

Joanna helping her lick the icing.
Lex enjoying her cupcake.


Fun day! Thank you to everyone that came! It was a great party!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Just so I can remember some of the great things that are said at my house I'm going to share one from Ryan today:

I was getting ready to put on Beauty and the Beast for her (SO happy she loves this movie Alexis just never really dug it!) So she jumps up on the couch and rudely says, "START the movie MOM!" So I say, "EXCUSE me??" She looks at me funny and then says with a huge smile, "You farted?" AHAHAHA I'm sorry CRACKED me up. I didn't even make her say please after that!