The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, March 28, 2011


Yes there are a TON of pictures for just a lost tooth but she has been so excited to lose this tooth since she realized it was loose like 2 weeks ago! She told me the tooth fairy was going to bring her 5 dollars and a whistle (no idea where that came from...) Well we were fresh out of whistles so she got 5 dollars, a lollipop and a note from the tooth fairy (that said 5 dollars is only for the first tooth after that 1 dollar per tooth. The tooth fairy doesn't want to go broke!HAHA) She was thrilled so I guess it was okay! Showing how loose it was. I am so my mother's daughter b/c it took all I had to not gag. Bleck it grosses me out!! Thank goodness daddy was home and I just had to take pictures.

Daddy working it a little bit (and getting the blood out of her mouth from so much wiggling.) HAHA No more wiggling! Trying a different appraoch with some dental floss. She really wanted to try to do it herself.
She got it! I was shocked that she got it by herself. So cute. (Umm and I HAVE to mention that you excuse her ratty look. We had been with friends all day and she was playing HARD so she has that sweaty play look! :))
Opening her envelope from the tooth fairy.
Very excited little girl! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I believe the reason I NEVER take pictures when people are visiting is because I'm just having too much fun enjoying their company. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it... So here are the few I DID take... While Konnor and Theresa were here we enjoyed going out to eat (WAY too much!) going to Chuck E Cheese for my birthday (SO fun!) watching my girls play soccer, went out for pedis and lunch while my sweet hubby watched the kids, going shopping, going to the Animal Safari, staying up WAY to late, laughing, reminising the good old days, watching the kids play and making new "good old days," and being loud and bossy to each other! :) It was the perfect week! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend!!! We miss Theresa and Konnor like CRAZY!!!! Hopefully they will come back soon and maybe even bring Bryatt with them to join in the fun!!!
Ryan, Konnor, and Kiera at Kiera's new favoritest place! ;) Konnor meeting her blind date for the night. HAHA

Three sweet girls in a tub. Ya by the time I got my camera they were not very cooperative.
(Picture removed for content)

And that's about it. Maybe I can ask Theresa for a few more b/c I know SHE took more than 3.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Alexis brought home some of her school work today. Here is what her paper said (with some translation!) Ishulva (enchiladas not sure where the v is coming from.) make me yell yuck. Because I tastin it wus yuck. AHAHAHA My girls are so not Mexican fans and I have made it my goal to convert them! Let's just say this is one of the nicer ways Alexis has let me know she is over Mexican food. ;) Guess she wanted her teacher to know too. So freaking funny!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It currently looks like Birthday threw up all over my house. Here are a few of the goods so far!! These are only the things I can actually take pics of. It doesn't include the online gift card to Amazon Kindle (WOOHOO!) Or the texts, phone calls, and FB messages I've recieved that have been making my day!

I love birthdays. I have always believed Birthdays should be a big deal. Young or old doesn't matter it's the one day that you should get to be shown a little extra love. Luckily, I have some friends and family that seem to agree! It's been a wonderful day so far (okay actually week since my friends think you should get a whole week and who am I to argue?) Trav has to work all day but he took me out yesterday and I've been spoiled by friends and family today and then Theresa comes tomorrow SO it's definitely been a great week!!!! I just want to tell everyone thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! I was telling my mom and she said WOW you have some great friends! I had to explain that MY friends are family!!! I love you all.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Okay had to share... Like everyone knows my best friend Theresa is coming for a visit next week and we are all THRILLED!!! Tonight we were talking about it (the girls and I) and Alexis asks me if Bryatt (Theresa's husband) is coming. I told her no and she got all bummed out (Alexis loves the Fisher family!) Then she looked up at me and said, "OH is he in Iraq or Afghanistan?" Sweet, sweet girl just assumes if the dad isn't around he must be deployed. Bryatt is not in the Army. He works in AZ and we are hoping he is going to come with the family over the summer. I am realizing more and more that my children are definitely military brats! :)


Last week was Dr. Suess's birthday but at Lexi's school they were doing some testing so this week they celebrated. :) Each day of the week they wore different things (like Wacky Wednessday, Silly Sock day etc.) Today was wear your Dr. Suess hat and red and white. I realized the ONLY red thing Alexis has in her closet is her red tutu (we need to go do some shopping asap!:) ) So she wore the tutu and white tights and a white shirt. Unfortunately, today was also P.E. Day so she had to wear tennis shoes with the tights (SO not a fan and I apologize especially to Cristine! :) ) Anyway, her teacher sent a picture out of all the kids and they all looked so adorable I had to share! :)

On an un-related note, Theresa and Konnor are coming in a WEEK and I am SOOOOOO freaking excited!!!!!!