The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Right before Spring Break the school did a run for pledges.  They were so excited to run and it makes me so happy that they get excited about running  Ryan's laps were shorter than Lexi's but she did 21 and was so proud.  Lexi did 17 of her laps.  Ryan decided she didn't want me to run with her so I just rooted for her from the sidelines.  Lexi wanted me to run with her so I started my running watch and she did just under 1.5 miles in about 15 minutes. What a couple of cuties! 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Travis is in the Army (duh!)  In 11 years of marriage we have moved 4 times (which is actually low and includes one move at the same duty station.)  We have also been through 3 deployments.  Each of those deployments we added another kid.  Our first deployment we had no kids, second we had Alexis, and third we had Lex and Ryan.  So it was only fitting that since we added another child to our family it was time for Trav to deploy again... ;) Travis has gone to Iraq all 3 of those deployments and being who Trav is he really wanted a chance to get to Afghanistan so we are doing this deployment thing again.  4.5 months into it and it's going ok.  I will admit that having 3 kids this go around has actually made it seem a little bit easier of a deployment... Don't get me wrong I miss my husband. A lot. But I am so busy all the time it's going by a little bit faster than it has in the past.  I can not wait for him to come home but we are doing pretty dang good most of the time.

Here are the pictures we took the night he left.  Lexi defintely took it the hardest but she is doing pretty well.  We are able to skype pretty regularily and all 3 kids run when they here the skype ringing.  Thank goodness for modern day conveniences.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


The day Trav was leaving for Afghanistan he didn't have to be at the airport till late at night so we decided to go for one more fun activity before he left.  We hit up the Honolulu Zoo.  It's a pretty great zoo and it was a perfect family day!  We love a zoo!
Turtle bench

Hanging with the hippo.

I love when turtles come out of their shells and this one was totally walking around!

Cutest picture ever watching the elephants.

Or maybe this is the cutest.


A new exhibit: The McBride Monkeys.

Family photo op!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This 10k was the very first race I ever did last year.  Cristine and I finished together and I was SOOO proud of us for finishing and our finish time! My goal this year was just to beat my last time and I was so proud of what I accomplished this year!  My finishing time was almost 8 minutes faster than last year.  I feel like I actually raced this one (instead of just trying to get to the finish line.)  It was so fun and I am just so in love with racing and improving my times!!  I also had a great time with these girls at the race and after (at IHOP of course!!)  Cristine got an injury halfway into our training and I was thankful to have some other running partners to get me through training!
Before (Ashley, Lindsay, Me, Dede, Brooke)


My finish proof!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


When Trav was on leave we got to leave the kids with Nate and Cristine again for 2 nights!  The plan was parasailing, snorkeling, beach time, relaxing and shark cage diving!  Unfortunatley the shark cage was canceled because of weather (I was so bummed but I AM going to do it before we leave!)  We did get to go parasailing and although he only agreed for my sake I think he secretly still loved it!  It was so quiet and peacefull up there and the view could not be beat!  Thanks babe for always humoring me!
Waiting for our turn!

Our boat view was enough just on it's own from the air it was incredible.

Ready to go.  I may have gotten slightly nervous...

They dipped us down in the water at the end and Trav thought it was hilarious to splash me and bump the whole thing around so I got more wet.  I only found it slightly humorous.

Great day with my awesome husband!


Travis had a couple weeks of leave before he left for Afghanistan but the kids still were in school so we decided it was ok for them to miss a day (or maybe 2...) on Ryan's birthday to head out to the Dole Plantation.  We had a lot of fun in the maze, riding the train, and of course having some pineapple!  It was such a fun easy days where the kids were all great, the weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed being together.
Love my family.  Yes we bought these.  My husband indulges me because I have issues with cute pictures floating around out there and not buying them...
Train time!

Waiting for the train!

Can you tell this was at the end and David was ready for a nap??

Friday, July 18, 2014


We haven't had family pictures done since before David was born...  We had some of the kids right after he was born but just with the kids.  I knew I wanted to get some taken before Travis deployed and I had seen some that a friend had done so I asked her to do ours.  They turned out beautiful.  I am so glad I have them.  Of course we had to have them done on the beach and now they are up all over my house!  Thanks again Tara!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


As the girls are getting older their birthdays are actually getting easier because they tell us exactly what they want and so far it's been pretty doable. The request for turning the big SIX was a beach morning with her Kinder BFF Viviene followed by a Hello Kitty/Strawberry Shortcake party back at our house with Anya and Eric.  Yes she requested Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake.  She also requested this strawberry cake.  I love my sweet Ryan.  For turning 6 here are 6 facts about her.
1.  She is a self proclaimed mover/talker.  And it's a very well deserved title. 
2.  Her love hurts.  I tell most people this but seriously she loves people so rough.  Her hugs are quite intense and she was even grounded once from hugging because she made a friend in her class fall from hugging her so hard.
3.  She makes friends in 3 seconds flat.  She doesn't really even understand stranger danger.  This can be good and bad. 
4.  She loves to be read to even if she is able to read the book on her own.  She will compromise by saying you read one side of the book and I'll read the other side.
5.  She absolutely LOVES her big sister but she has her own thoughts and ideas.  It is probably one of my favorite things about her.  She knows what she likes and she's not afraid to share it.
6.  She loves to surprise me by cleaning up the living room or doing a chore without me asking.  I also love when she does this!
We are so thankful Ryan is a part of our family and I can't beleive she is 6 years old already!!
Ryan and Viviene at Ko Olina.
Waffles and Strawberries!

Strawberry cake.

Hello Kitty sugar cookies.

Happy girl.