The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ryan has been talking about taking the "big girl bus" and going to the big girl school since for going on 2 years now!  I think she mostly wanted to do what her big sister was doing but I'm happy that she's so excited about it!  When we got to the bus stop she could barely contain herself and when the bus came she RAN to get on it and barely even said goodbye.  She is such an outgoing, easygoing, sweet girl. I am also enjoying the mornings with just David and I but when she gets home I am very happy she's home!
I just love her!

She taken cues from her sister obviously!
Love my girls.
Her backpack seems bigger than her!

They BEG me to make silly faces EVERY time I take pictures!
She gets to go to school with her good buddy Brady and she has been SOO glad to have there (and so have I!) Not sure what this expression is... :)  I love this picture!
And she's OFF!

Friday, August 24, 2012


In the military you definitely get used to "see you laters" you're just not always sure WHEN you will see each other later!  The U'Rens were part of our "bus stop mafia" (yes that's what we named ourselves don't be jealous.)  They moved back in May to Ft Bragg NC.  Lori PROMISED me they would come visit before her oldest Max started school.  I'm SOOOO glad she kept her promise.  Max is Lexi's age and they get along great but Jakey and Ryan are the sweetest friends.  Ryan was beyond thrilled Jake was here.  They were only going to stay for 6 days and ended up staying for 9.  It was a ton of fun and we pretty much did absolutely nothing. :)  I didn't take nearly enough pictures but I got a couple dang cute ones of Ryan and Jake.  Lori has already promised they're coming one more time before we move and I am trying to see if maybe we can get to them one time too.
This was the norm.  Snuggling watching a movie.  Trav wasn't thrilled with it! :)

These 3 are great little buddies.  The 3 younger kids slept over here and Lex, Ayden and Max slept at Emily's.  I love how Ry and Jake have headlamps on.  In the middle of the night Ryan came in to tell me she had no where to sleep. I went in and found Jake and Brady sideways on the bed.  So I scooted Brady over a little and Ryan slept next to him the rest of the night.  HAHA.  So cute!  Oh and don't worry Emily had Lexi sleep in a different room.  She is getting  a little too old for girl/boy sleepovers at least in the same bed. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here are a few random adorable pictures of David.  At his recent 2 month appointment he was 23 inches and 12 pounds 15 ounces.  He is a perfectly healthy baby boy and we all love him to PIECES!!! 
Fell asleep pondering the world!

First smiles!
First tie!  I mean seriously I used to say boys clothes aren't as cute but Grandma Kerry proved me wrong! All ready for church!

Ryan and David snuggles.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Alexis started her first day of 2nd grade on the 7th of this month.  She is such a great kid I know she will be great.  We will be leaving around Thanksgiving so she will have to switch schools mid-year but I know she will be just fine! :)  She was very excited to start school again and happy to be riding the bus with her friend Ayden (who I didn't get a picture of b/c they were running a bit late!)  She said her first day went great.  She loved her teacher and her class!  I'm really going to miss this school when we go to HI.

First day breakfast, biscuits and gravy.
Love these sisters.

Grandma Kerry helped pick up this new outfit!
Pretty girl ready to go.

And off she goes!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Since Travis is the only boy in his family and just had his first boy we really wanted Dave to bless David.  So Dave and Kerry made a trip out to GA.  It was only for the weekend but the girls LOVED having them here.  We tried to watch Travis jump on Saturday but the weather didn't cooperate so his parents got to experience another Army thing which was hurry up, wait around, and have nothing happen. HA!  Kerry and I went Saturday afternoon to go school shopping for Lexi and then Sunday was just spent going to church, hanging out, and a trip to urgent care (Lexi with yet another UTI...)  I am so greatful I have such wonderful in-laws!

Grandma Kerry and Lexi goofing around in Target.

Papa goofing around with Trav's gear.  I LOVE this picture by the way! :)
Grandma Kerry and David.  By the way this is the blessing outfit Travis wore for his blessing.  I was THRILLED that Kerry thought to use it!!!

Trav is going to kill me but don't pose like that for pics and I won't use them!! :)

Big boy!

3 generations!

Had to get a pic of this cute sleeper Kerry brought and Ryan really felt she needed to be in the pic too!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Alexis turned SEVEN at the beginning of the month!!  I am so beside myself on how that happened?  How in the world do I have a 7 year old?  She is such a great kid.  She is so helpful with Ryan and David.  She has grown up so much and become such an easy little girl. She loves to make people happy.  She is reading a ton and will read just about anything she can get her hands on!  She also loves to be outside especially at the pool but she will take riding bikes or playing in the backyard as well.  I am so thankful that this sweet girl came into our lives 7 year ago and made Travis and I parents.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Since my mom was visiting we decided to have Lexi's birthday party.  We told her we were going to have a small party and she chose to have it at Chuck E Cheese of course.  I'm not going to lie I love that they like going there.  First, because I love going but second, it's so EASY!  They take care of everything and I just show up! :)  So we invited Dak, Ayden, and Brady and they all had a blast.  Thank you everyone for coming and they great gifts. Lexi has been so into crafts that's what everyone got her and she was very happy!  Travis and I after a lot of discussion got her a kindle.  We found a great deal and the kid loves to read so in the long run it's going to be cheaper b/c Kindle books are way cheaper.  She was so excited.  I love how much she loves to read!

Ryan loves the little mini rides.  She's very good about jumping on rides that someone else put a coin into so she doesn't have to use her coins! HAHA! 

Lexi and Ayden I LOVE this picture!
Dak and Ayden.  That is SO Dak!
The whole party!
Lexi in the ticket blaster.  She was DETERMINED she was going to get the special 1000 ticket and she DID!  She walked in stepped right on it.  As soon as it started she picked it up and put it right in her shirt.  She was so proud. :)
Showing her loot.

My little girl is SEVEN!  Unbelieveable.
Sweet sisters


Here's where David was the whole time!

She knew immediately what it was!

Not related to her bday but the last day my mom was here I woke up to breakfast and my "flowers" the girls had made all week with my mom.  They were so proud and it was really cute.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I was so excited that my mom was able to make it out here for the FIRST time!! :)  I know it's a pain that we live so far and I'm thankful for every visitor we get!  When my mom was here we seriously just sat by the pool or the lake almost everyday!  It was great.  I also got a lot of breaks b/c my mom and I must think alike everything I would go to do she had JUST done!  The girls really enjoyed hanging out with Grandma Bevvy.  Travis and I also celebrated our TENTH anniversary while she was here (take that all you doubters! ;))  With just having David I didn't want to do too much but my mom watched all 3 kids while we went to dinner and a movie.  David had his first bottle then and he took it like a champ!  The girls enjoyed helping feed him even if they were really trying to watch their movie too. :)

Lexi feeding David.

Ryan's turn.
This was sweet.  There was a thunder storm so they slept together and Lexi was snuggling Ryan.

Trav's fave again.
Grandma Bevvy and the kids!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Nana Mary got to come visit again and this time she brought Quinn! :)  We had a ton of fun swimming (a lot!)  Going to Callaway, and watching Rangers In Action.  It was so nice to have Mary here and the girls LOVED having Quinn come.  Hopefully, George and Colleen can make it next time since it will be Hawaii after all (hint hint Bean family!)
The pool crew.  Note Quinn with his Sonic drink I get everyone addicted HA!
This is what David does at the pool.  He is SOOOO easy!  He loves being warm (takes after his momma) so poolside is a great place for him.

He is SOOOOO sweet with the girls.  These are the cute dresses Mary got them but they say Quinn got them and they wear them every chance they get!
Rangers In Action

Testing out the gear!
This is what happens when you are at the lake and it starts POURING.  The moms have to grab all the stuff and run and kids play chess in the rain with out a care in the world.
4 great kids!