The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, October 31, 2015


The brigade had a trunk or treat on post a few days before Halloween so the kids got good use out their costumes!  They loved all the decorated vehicles and they loved the super scary haunted house they went through (David didn't go and Ryan said her legs were shaking Trav said it was pretty scary.  I guess that's what happens when you put a bunch of young soldiers in charge of the Haunted House. :))  Everyone knows I love my kids to match and I LOVE themed Halloween just as much.  Lexi and Ryan chose Queen of hearts and Alice in Wonderland on their own but David didn't go for being Tweedle Dee and was pretty insistent on being Thomas...  They were all adorable and I am glad they loved what they chose!! 
Sweetest Alice, Queen, and Thomas ever.

This is how you do a trunk or treat in the army! :)

For actual Halloween we had our first visitors!  The Holtgrewe's are only about 4.5 hours away from us now!  They decided to drive up for Halloween and the kids were thrilled to get to go trick or treating with them again!!  It was a great weekend!
The girls both go spray for their hair so David got blue for Thomas the Train!  And he has one goofy dad!

Beautiful girl and her loot!

The McGrewe kids!

They had fun organizing and trading!

Haha these 2!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I'm so proud of Travis for all he's done in the Army and as soon as he got to Fort Bliss he was able to take over as a First Sergeant for Alpha Company 1/6 (which is extra cool for him because when we were in Germany he was in 2/6!  Both of those battalions were moved from Germany here to Bliss and Travis has some extra fondness for the 6th Infantry Regiment. :)  David and I were able to go to the ceremony and then they had the Hail and Farewell (where they welcome and say goodbye to the people coming an going in the company) at a fun place for the kids so we all went to that!  
My husband is so dang awesome!

Go karts at the Hail and Farewell!

And all 3 kids loved this! 

You can't tell in this picture but he actually got some good air!

Bumper boats!  Trav and I made the mistake of going with them the first time before I realized they could spray water too so I sat the next time out and let the kids go at it. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2015


There were a few things we were excited about moving to El Paso.  One of them was we decided we were ready to own our first house!  We found a great house on a great cull de sac!  Even better now that we are here we have realized there are at least 20 kids around the same ages as my kids!  They all love to be outside and it's turned out to be a great neighborhood to live in!  Plus I just LOVE our house!!  It's exciting to live in your first brand new home!  These are the pics Trav sent me when he did the final walk through and I'm just in love. I have lots of things I love about my house but probably my favorite was all the bedrooms are upstairs and so is the laundry room!

Master bathroom/closet

Kids upstairs bathroom.

Our upstairs loft (which is our tv/family room.)

Downstairs living room which is our more "formal" living room.

Love my kitchen!

Backyard before

After we got some landscaping done!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


We left AZ during fall break so we took a few days on our way out of AZ to visit with everyone we weren't able to spend as much time with since the girls were in school!  We were sad to be leaving Arizona but very excited to get to our new house and back with Travis in Texas!
These 2 cousins are so sweet together!  This was all the stickers from the house paperwork showing me where to sign!  Wow is buying a house a pain in the butt!!!

David and this water baby from Grandma Kerry's were inseparable.  In fact he snuck her in his backpack to try to smuggle her all the way to El Paso!

Sweet David and Mallorie!

One last swimming night!

Their cousin Robert invited us to his Halloween themed birthday party except I didn't take any pictures... :(

We spent some time on the golf cart with Grandpa Jones! The kids LOVED this!

We got to hold a brand NEW baby cousin (Lexi's second cousin) Oh how I love babies (that I can give back when they cry...)

Watching some Cards at my dads!

And doing some beading at with Grandma Bevvy!