The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Some friends of ours that we knew in Germany invited us to go to Atlanta to go to the Aquarium that they have there. The aquarium was fantastic but a little expensive for what was included. Everything considered though it was worth it just to see how happy the girls were. They loved every single minute of it. I started to get worried Ryan was going to have a permanant fish face by the end of the day! Thanks Schrand's for the invite! We had a ton of fun!

Ryan could not stop giggling at the sting ray's!
The whole family in the mouth of a shark! :)
Lexie with the sting ray's!

Too cute!

Daddy and the girls.

Lex and her wonderful poses!

The jelly fish were MY favorite!

This place was cool. There were fish in front of you and then all of a sudden Lex looked up and realized they were ABOVE her too. She had a little panic and then thought it was too cool!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I swear I watch my kids but lately I keep finding them in the cutest ways that may or may not be totally safe....

Ryan's new favorite thing to do! Climb into the sinks. Right after I got her down from the sink in HER bathroom she went right to MINE! I also caught her the other day sitting in the sink with fingernail clippers pretending to clip her toenails. Too cute.

I came upstairs the other day to find Lexie "playing school" She had dumped ALL her baskets of toys out so her stuffed animals could have desks. She is holding a little drawing board with letters on it and note Ry at the back of the class also got to learn from Ms. Alexis.

I found Ryan in the wet wipes and she was wiping her dolls butts!! She kept saying blech as she wiped!! :)

I enrolled Lex in Soccer and that starts next month! She is SOOO excited!! Daddy had to go buy her cleats and shin guards and came back with a ball, net and soccer socks to go with it! She loves practicing.

I just love when Ryan copies Lexie and while they were watching Sesame Street this is what they were doing. I love it in their matching footie jammies with their favorite blankies (or meme's as Ryan calls hers!)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


My mom pointed out tonight that I hadn't posted in a while and then I realized I never posted these pics. Before we left Germany we wanted to get more pictures of the McGrewe children (as in the McBride's and Holtgrewe's I know we're nerds and we're okay with that!) So we called up the great and wonderful Erica. Unfortunately, the day we decided on it was POURING! We just didn't have time to try again so we decided to do some just in the house.... I still love them and just thinking about how long these girls have been together makes me smile!!!! And although Ry has had quite a few offers since being at Benning she does remember she is betrothed to Eric! :) Love you Holtgrewe's!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about the difference between a first child and the baby of the family. Ryan is definitely the baby. When Lex was the same age as Ryan I thought she was SO BIG! I thought she could and should be able to do everything. Now that Ryan is almost 2 I think aww she is still just a baby. I really enjoy this age. She understands things and loves to play. Her and Alexis play SO well together that sometimes I feel like when I sit to play with them I'm interrupting and I am grateful for that feeling. Alexis is such a great big sister and now that she is 4 I still think she is so big and could and should be able to do everything so I'm trying to remind myself how I felt about her at Ryan's age and how I will probably feel about Ryan at Lexi's age. So, of course, I was looking at pictures of Lexi at the same age as Ryan and decided I should post some again. So here they are. I liked that they were both laying on the ground... Love my girls!