The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Our first family hike was Diamondhead.  I'm sure if you know anything about Hawaii you've heard of the volcanic crater before.  You can hike from the middle of it up to the top and it's got a great view!  It's a pretty good little hike and the girls were AWESOME!!!!  They actually loved it.  We have already gone on another family hike and Trav and I went on a hike just us.  We are so completely blessed to be here!!!!
About halfway up.  David was also a huge trooper.  He even fell asleep in the backpack on the way down.

The veiw from the top.  Seriously we LIVE here!!

The top was SUPER crowded and SUPER windy.  Probably the only time Ryan complained she was seriously afraid she was going to blow away! :)


Snack time on the trail.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We had all of our house stuff delivered the day before Christmas but Travis was set on a Christmas at home!  So we may have wrapped presents and set them under the Christmas Tree that was still in the box but hey it was Christmas! :)  The girls had a great time opening gifts and helping David open his and then we all went over to the Holtgrewe's for Christmas dinner! :)  Our first Christmas in Hawaii!!!
Christmas jammies!!

David's stocking consisted of baby food, oranges (that he can't eat but Santa brought them all the way from Grandma Kerry's and papa's house!) and formula! HAHA!

Lexi and Ryan's stockings.

Tucker getting in on some Christmas.

Jammies from Grandma Kerry.

They got boogie boards and snorkeling gear from Santa.

Merry Christmas!

David enjoyed opening his gifts...

Okay so really he just loved eating the paper!

We did the 1 want, 1 read, 1 wear, 1 share again plus 1 from Santa.  It's definitely going to be a tradition we will be continuing.  Their one want was stompeez.  Oh my gosh they LOVE these slippers! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013


My mom texted me the other day and said I should look at an old blog post from 2008.  This one to be exact  If you look way toward the bottom of the post it talks about my dream vacations.  2 of them I had already been on and then I said I would also love to go to HI.  We are so beyond blessed to have gotten to live where we have gotten to live and see what we have gotten to see.  We have been in Hawaii a little over a month and I am not even CLOSE to not feeling like I need to pinch myself everyday!  The kids are absolutely loving everything about it and Travis though not a beach person is loving all the hiking and other outdoor activities.  These are a few random pictures of our first couple of weeks on the island!
I guess I should start with our plane ride over.  The kids were all fabulous!!  David slept most of the flight and Lexi and Ryan were so content with their activites.  We had the whole row to ourselves which was really nice!  This picture is so classic.  Lexi choosing the kindle over a movie!

Travis was waiting for us at the airport with our lei's!  The girls thought it was great!  He's pretty wonderful!

First date with the Holtgrewe's SOOO happy to be back together!

FYI they actually have 2 couches but they are always sitting all together on this one!

Waimea Bay (on the North Shore)  first beach we went to!  Lex and Ryan even had to borrow Anya's swimsuits!!  So thankful The Holtgrewe's were here b/c they helped us out a TON!!!
First shave ice!  YUM!!!!

We were in the hotel for 2 weeks.  Exactly 1.5 weeks too long!  We had some BORING days!  Thankful Travis went ahead of us and we didn't have to wait as long as some for a house!

Ko Olina Lagoons! 

We've adopted a term from the great Emily Wavy Wednesday.  The kids get out of school at 1:15 on Wednesdays so those are official beach afternoons on school weeks!  (not that we don't also go other days but at LEAST every Wednesday!) 
My first double rainbow now I've seen tons.  They are still so beautiful to me!  It's hard to see the second one it's to the left of the brighter one.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A few random pictures from AZ... Yes mostly their of David but the girls got to actually do the fun stuff! :)
Here's one of Ry.  This is how I woke up one morning at my moms.  Sharing the bed with Tuck so sweet!

David and his cousin playing!  Okay well that's how babies play right?!  And yes she's older!!

Big boy!


Happy baby at the zoo!!

And this is just how we roll! HA!  He spit up and I had no extra clothes so we just rolled shirtless.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Everytime we go to AZ we have to go to the zoo!!  We usually go with a different group everytime but everytime we have a great time!  This time it was quite a group.  Theresa, Brenda, my dad, Ruth, me, and 7 children!  Poor Travis (my nephew) was in school... It was a beautiful day for the zoo!
Checking out some animals with Grandpa Jones!

These 4 are different ages and different personalities yet they have so much fun together!

Riding the camel.

Note the un-planned matching pink chucks! 

Milking the cow!

My dad took this picture and this is the group.  4 woment and 7 children!  Wonder what everyone was thinking as they walked by our group!  HAHA!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


We're gonna call this the cousin post!!  These are most of my favoritist kids!  I loved seeing them all while we were in Arizona!  It was a great visit because we got to do a LOT of playing.  I am so thankful that my kids love their cousins so much.  They look forward to Arizona so much!  
Hanging at the playground!

Playing in some leaves!

Church day!

It's like perfect steps!  We're only slightly out of age order here... Ryan is actually older than Eric those dang tall Holtgrewe's!! :) 

Dress Up with Konnor.  They did a fashion show too.  Ryan looks like Lady Gaga to me! HAHA!

This is how Linc and David "play"  Lincold pushed David around in this for quite a while! :)