The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, October 31, 2008


Just some random cute pics from this month (at least this month that I hadn't already put on my other computer GRRR!)
Lex and Ryan were playing in the dining room and I walked in to find this is what Alexis is doing to Ryan. What was Ryan doing you may ask? Just playing no worries EASIEST GOING BABY EVER!!!
Daddy's Little Infantry Princesses. I know I'm a cheese! :)

Alexis is working on writing letters in her preschool and we still work on our letters at home. So the other day I wrote her name on a paper and she said she wanted to write her name and this is what she did. I know it's not the greates but she's THREE! I'm so proud of her!!! She got every letter in there if you look really hard! :)Last, one of Ryan sitting on her chair. She just looks so big!!!


Well I have a ton of pics and things to post about on my desktop but so I don't get too far behind I'm going to post some pics of us carving pumpkins even though I have some adorable pics from the pumpkin patch that should go first. Hopefully, my monitor won't take too long!! We had a pumpkin carving party! We had Erica and Annika, Britteny and baby Lexi, Cristine, Anya, and Eric, and my downstairs neighbor Paige and her son Branton. So 5 babies, 2 3 year olds, and 5 20 somethings. It was hectic and perfect!! Alexis had a blast and Ryan just enjoyed having so much to watch!! The best part of the night was when Anya told Cristine that she needed to carve her pumpkin a tushy. So hers got a cresent shape booty. Then Lex decided hers needed a triangle one and so, of course, Erica gave her pumpkin a tushy as well. I love my little family away from my family!! :) We complimented the night with homemade pumpkin soup and some yummy pesto bread!!
Lexie busted out the corn on the cob holders and decided to get a headstart on her carving!
Very intense. Getting out those pumpkin guts!!

Our finished pumpkin!

Of course Ryan had to get in on the fun! :)

I forgot my camera tonight when we went out trick or treating but all my friends got plenty of pics so when I get them I will post them next!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Just wanted to let everyone know I am having computer problems. The other day my monitor just went black on me. I was worried but gave it some time and turned it back on and it worked... for about 6 hours. Now I can't get it to go on for even a second. Sooo I can't get anything (all my pics from this month and I had a TON to post!!) off my desktop at all. Thank GOODNESS Travis got a new laptop while he was home on R&R and I have his old one or I would be without internet (trust me this would have been TRAGIC for me!) So I'm going to order a new monitor but it may be a while before I can get new pics up. Hopefully it will get here soon!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So my friend Erica (link on the side!) sent me this postcard her mom sent her along with a picture of her adorable kid in the same position. I thought it was hilarious and adorable so I begged and pleaded with her to do one with Ryan (okay really I just asked and she said sure.) So here is the postcard first.

And here is Ryan.
And just b/c I loved this picture.
Thanks Erica!! Once again you seriously rock!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have officially been in Germany for SIX years! When I first got here I remember Travis picking me up from the airport and we ended up in an Umletung (detour) so as we were "exploring" Germany for my first time ever I got to experience my first REAL fall. Obviously in AZ we have 2 seasons... Hot and HOTTER. So, fall has become my favorite season. I love the color of the leaves, the leaves falling on the ground, and the weather that is cold but not quite that bitter cold! Cristine and I have been wanting to get pics of all 4 kids since Eric (her new baby) was born almost 5 months ago. Perfect timing. Our friend Erica (fabulous photographer if you're interensted e-mail me for her info!) chased after our 4 kids along with her cutie pie, almost 7 month old daughter Annika. They turned out adorable even if the girls were too excited running around and the babies were a little on the cold side!
These first couple Erica did not take. I did from my car but I just love the trees!!

She just LOOKS easy going don't you think??

I have ALWAYS wanted a picture like this and I always forget and of course Erica was the one who thought of it!
The pack of children. Keep in mind this is who I will be traveling with to AZ when we come in Jan/Feb. All SIX of us!!!! :) Aren't they all just adorable and can't you just tell EXACTLY who the sibblings are!
She really is getting big and she is SOOO much fun!

These girls are such sisters in every way (except the actual birds and the bees way ha ha!) They fight like sisters and they love each other like sisters!
Sweet McBride sisters!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ryan LOVES to eat! She is doing so much better. The first few times I tried giving her food I was a little nervous but she's taking to it like a champ now. We actually just moved her to 2 meals a day today. She loves all the yummy things she can eat by herself. It seems like with the second kid I'm just not as concerned about getting her clothes dirty b/c I forget to put her bib on a LOT... Oh well kids are meant to make messes right! :)

Another favorite thing... when she's trying to get up on her hands and knees she gets into a push up position and I swear she's about to "drop and give me 20." She doesn't hold it for very long but I was finally able to get a picture of it and it cracks me up!! She is so close to REALLY crawling.


A couple weeks ago I tried to get Alexis into German "kindergarten." They call it kindergarten but it's more of a preschool. Well they weren't taking any more Americans and when I told Alexis she was SOOO bummed!! So I decided to put her on a waiting list for the preschool through the Post. (Also due to the "encouragement from Travis. I was willing to keep her home a while longer.) They told me it could be a while to get her in to the AM program but all the other activities (swimming, gymnastics, etc.) are always in the afternoon so I wasn't going to put her in the PM program no matter what. Well what do you know a week and a half later they had an opening. She was SOOO excited to be starting "big girl school" b/c all things big girl are way cool in her book! So on Monday she started school and what a great first day with the real firetruck and firemen coming to visit!!! She had a blast and while I'm a little sad that she is getting older I'm so excited for her and proud of what a good girl she is!!!

All ready to go!

All ready with her back pack and of course being a goofball!

At school. She looks a little nervous b/c she was but once we got in there and she met her teacher she said bye and I left with no problems and best of all no tears!!! What a big girl!!