The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Day after Christmas=Halloween post.  :)  The girls had fun carving pumpkins and both were able to do quite a bit on their own (Lexi did almost the whole thing on her own!)  Ryan didn't like getting out the guts but did much better than in the past (when she screamed her head off!)
Love her smile.

Thinking hard!

Finished products.

These are their scary faces. HAHA!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I love getting Pumpkins straight from the Patch and this patch was the ULTIMATE pumpkin patch!  We went back to Aloun Farms (where we got the best corn ever!) They had Pumpkins as big as Alexis (not exaggerating!) Plus they had the coolest white pumpkins and then of course some regular old pumpkins.  We got 2 white, 2 orange, and a mini one (that the girls insisted David needed) for like 17 bucks.  Of course Travis and Ryan HAD to also get more corn (that was just as delicious as before!)  It was a pretty hot day so we were in and out as quick as possible but the kids had a good time and we will be going back next year!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 Travis and I decided when the girls were little that when they started really asking about getting their ears pierced we would let them.  I guess I just assumed Lexi would ask first but that's just not how it went.  Ryan kept asking and asking (to get her ears "peeled" how cute is she?) So after explaining everything to her we decided she was ready.  Alexis even came with us but had no interest.  I suspect it has something to do with her fear of needles more than anything else.  (Which I can't say anything about since even after giving myself shots in my stomach for almost 2 years total I still freak out about shots!) 
I took Ryan to Claire's during Fall Break and she was an absolute champ.  Not a single tear.  She is such a tough kid.  As soon as I saw the options of earrings I knew we were going to have Hello Kitty.  She LOVES Hello Kitty (no idea why?) She has been doing great with them.  No issues and she loves telling people she got them pierced.  My baby girl is growing up!
Before, ready to get it started!

Immediately after.  You could tell it hurt but she was like eh no bigs.

Showing of her new bling.

Of course we had to have DQ after!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Since blogging has become more of an on-line scrapbook for me and I've pretty much stopped actual scrapbooking being only 2 months behind is actually not that bad...  I have said it before but between the kids getting so much older (and having so dang many now) and with so much to do in Hawaii there is just SOOO much to blog about.  So this is actually just a bunch of random pictures from September that possibly no one but the grandparents may care about but it's important to me and it's my blog so if you're bored I understand and try checking back soon for the really exciting stuff like Halloween (with my millions of kids) or more race pictures.  HA!
These are the things his sisters do to him and he may never admit it but he loves it.

Already pro selfie takers.

They pick their clothes out 80% of the time and about 80% of that they choose to match even if they chose workout clothes. (It was PE day so it's cool.)
Fun times at the park.

David made a friend.  Well he thought he did... His friend Evan wasn't really impressed. :)

This shoe thing has been taken out to the garage because I could NOT keep him off of it. (Did you know in Hawaii it is the norm to take your shoes off when coming into someones home.  Even workers that come in slip off their shoes before coming in.  From this slightly obsessed cleaner it is a dream come true!)

That thing on the top of his head was from crawling while rubbing his head on the carpet.  ON PURPOSE.  Rug burn.

We shall caption this: We LOVE the weekends.

Like father/ Like son

HAHAHA A boy and his Uncle NaNa (whose name he now says!)

This is how Cristine saves my son from the cockroach that crawled out of his pack and play (that had been in the garage and right after it rains here they LOVE to come out and play) mid-workout.  That is bug killer in her hand.  We yelled so loud David started crying.  Don't worry while she rescued him I killed it with a shoe!