The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I just realized with all my other posting I haven't posted any from Christmas!  I'm only a month late! :)  I really didn't take all that many pictures (I've GOT to get better!)  At the same time I think it's okay.  The reason is b/c I'm usually just caught up in enjoying the moments and I think that's a good reason...  With this new baby coming I'm very aware at how quickly this time goes by.  I keep thining about how hard those baby years are and then realize how fast it has also gone!  Ryan will be FOUR next month.  So ya, I'm okay with missing a few kodak moments as long as I'm making sure I'm enjoying every minute with or with out pictures!


Adorable aprons that Grandma Kerry made for all the girls!
Ryan excited about her new lady bug light and Lexi her new books!

The girls also got these hats from Grandma and Papa.  Ry's is a ladybug and Lexi LOVED playing baby bear!

I am also thrilled with how our new tradition of one want, one wear, one read, one share went.  They were both thrilled with their gifts and Lexi still goes, "mommy thank you for my one read gift."  It actually makes Christmas more fun!  Thank you Cristine for the finding the great idea on Pintrest!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have gotten so bad at taking pictures these days.  My mom however has not and is constantly saying oh take a picture!  I'm sure it's b/c she doesn't get to see them as often but it makes me feel bad that I don't have very many pics from my dads or anything else we did in AZ! I am however glad I have what I have!
Reading books with Grandma Bevvy before bedtime.

Ryan trying out her new rollerskates from Christmas!
Lexi on her new skates.  She is doing so well on them already!  She loves skating every chance she gets. Including when it's raining outside she just brings them in!

At the park with the puppies.

I love this picture of Travis and Lex reading!  She LOVES these rainbow fairy books.  I can't believe my baby is reading chapter books and LOVING them.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If you know The McBride's you know The Holtgrewe's.  When we told them we were coming to AZ we knew for sure they would be coming to AZ to see us.  Unfortunately, some unforseen problems came up and they weren't going to make it.  I won't lie I was so sad!  Then Nate found out some other bad news about his Uncle.  They decided they needed to make the trip to AZ after all to visit Nate's Uncle and although it wasn't under the best circumstances we were thrilled to at least spend 6 hours with the Holtgrewe's.  The kids had a blast playing together and us adults just hung out and talked and talked and talked! :)

If you are living under a rock and HAVEN'T heard we will be re-united with the Holtgrewe's for 3 years in the Aloha state and we couldn't be happier.  They are family and we can't wait to spend our days lounging on the beach and having BBQ's year round!!!! :) 

Love this picture!

BFF's for sure!

These 2 play so well together even if we moved away when they were young they hear and talk about each other STILL!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


On Christmas Eve the kids did a Nativity for us.  Travis read (yep Travis :))  Tori and Josh brought costumes and we had the perfect Baby Jesus (even if it was a girl because, well, that's all us McBride's really know.)  Uncle Josh even made a great Donkey! (Seriously, I have great family!)  The kids were adorable and it was so fun to watch.
Mary and Joseph and the great donkey.

Ryan one of the wisemen (with gift of course.)

One of the shepards with her sheep.
All the great actresses (and lone actor.)
 After the nativity all the kids got to open their one gift from Grandma Kerry and Papa and it was JAMMIES!  They all looked so cute in their matching jammies.  I never did get one with Jordan b/c she was OUT! :(

Once again our little posers...
All the cutie pie grandkids (minus Jordan...)
And now a few random pictures from the cabin....

Wii kids dance fun with the brother in laws.  Best pic ever.

My favorite father in law. :)

We didn't have a dishwasher at the cabin but these girls didn't mind at all!

Friday, January 13, 2012


These next few posts are going to be out of order...  While we were in AZ the girls were SUPER excited to go to Grandma Kerry and Papa's cabin up in Pinetop.  In fact at one point Ryan said she did NOT want to go to AZ at all.  Lexi convinced her by saying, "don't you want to go play in the snow?"  HAHA Doesn't everyone go to AZ to play in the snow? :)  The weather was PERFECT for what we were looking for.  It snowed the day before we got there but there was a LOT of snow and it warmed up quite a bit so it was perfect for playing in. 

We went out quite a few times but a lot of the time the kids just enjoyed playing with their cousins and making all sorts of noise IN the cabin.  We had 19 people in one house and all in all it was a great time with lots of playing, laughing, gaming, and relaxing!  Thanks again McBride's we LOVED being all together for Christmas.

Lexi getting out in the snow.

Bundled up Ryan.
Lex and Pyper were the first to throw themselves into the snow for some snow angels.

Snowball fight!  Tay and Lex.
Ryan just wanted to throw them at me!

Then there was the fun of eating the snow.

THe girls LOVED sledding.  This was the third time they had gone.  Trav pushed Lex the very first time and the snow was a little unstable so she flipped face first.  She was not happy for a while but did end up going down again and having fun.
Haha She did't even want pics!

Ryan on the tube.  Travis and I bought this at Walmart on a whim and it went SO fast down the snow!  They all loved it!
Just proving Lexi DID get back on. :)

Before shower that night.  I'm going to call this proof of a fun day.  Banged up from flipping on the sled and she has yellow paint on her eyebrow from a craft we did.  Poor kid!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I had my 16 week check up today and all is well.  Baby is healthy and I got to schedule my ultrasound for next month.  I can't wait!

Here are pics from Lexi's parent day.  She really has come along way in dance.  She knows so many moves and the names (most I don't pronounce well!)  She is one of the youngest in her class but seems to keep up just fine! 

Showing her moves to the class.

They did a cute dance to jingle Bell rock (which Lex thought said Jingle Bell drop haha so cute!)

It's hard to see b/c that little girl kept getting in my way (dangit! :))  but they were playing the sax as part of their dance it was so cute.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am quite a bit behind in my blogging...  It's been crazy being back from AZ between kids and church and unpacking and just starting to not feel sick (thank GOODNESS!)  Recently they announced in our ward that we were going to be COMBINING with another Ward b/c that ward's building needed to have a lot of work done to the roof and they would not be able to use their building for 6-8 months.  They are combining us but keeping us "seperate" so 2 Bishoprics, 2 RS Presidencies, and 2 Primary Presidencies.  I don't get why they are doing it this way at ALL but I'm trying to remember they know more than we do.  So it's been crazy trying to meet with the other Primary President and get everything in order...  This Sunday will be our first time meeting all together, should be interesting!

We had so much fun in AZ seeing all our family.  It was WAY too short (like normal) but we loved spending time with everyone including family we haven't seen in over 3 years (Trav's sister and my brother!)  Before I catch up on all the AZ pics (which I didn't take NEAR enough of) I am going back to just before we left Lexi and Ryan had Parent observation day in their class.  We all got to sit in the back and watch. This is Ry's first year taking dance and she is LOVING it.  She talked a LOT during class so I asked her teacher if that was a problem.  THe teacher said it must have been us in there b/c she's never heard Ryan talk so much.  Ryan is one of the younger kids in her class but she's doing a really great job.  Her and Lex love to practice at home.  Here are some pics of Ry showing off her moves! :)

Always time for a silly face.


Ballet (on a side note I LOVE her teacher.  She was Lexi's teacher last year and you can tell she just loves what she does.)

I will try to post Lexi's day tomorrow but even with much more energy I'm still going to bed no later than 10 every night when I can! :)  I also have my 16 week check up tomorrow so I will post a little about that although I have such uneventful pregnancies (in a great way!)  I probably won't have much to say!