The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, October 21, 2011


The day after we went to Sea World Joni (Theresa's sister) took us to Clearwater Beach which is only about 45 minutes from her house. My girls absolutely LOVE the beach. I mean really what's not to love? Sand, water, and kids everywhere to play with (all three of them made fast friends with the girls next to us.) Konnor who apparently didn't love the beach in CA decided FL beaches were great (really they are the sand is SOOOO soft and fine and the water is perfectly warm!) So all the little girls had a great time and the big girls got to hang out on the beach chairs and tan and talk (okay and play with the kids a little too!) We had such a great time in FL and HAVE to thank Joni and Rick for letting us come and crash. It was my first time in FL and it was a great time!

After the beach we went to dinner (where Lexi ate way more than her share of shrimp!) We decided to do some window shopping and ended up at this store that had a wave place inside. Basically it simulates an ocean wave. You had to be 46 inches to boogie board (52 to surf) and Lexi was just tall enough to boogie board so I just couldn't pass it up. She did so GOOD! We were all impressed. You take turns with everyone for a half an hour and everyone else would get on and end up flipping it and that would end their turn. Not Lexi the instructor had to tell her her time was up and she would basically flip herself (granted there was only one other kid in there and the adults were standing and actually surfing so it was a little harder but still the other kid flipped it pretty fast every time!)

The 3 girls at the end of the day. Perfectly worn out!

Here is a link for a video of Lexi boogie boarding!  So fun! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I loved going to Sea World in CA when I was a kid and when Theresa and her sister invited the girls and I to come see them in FL and go to Sea World and the beack we were definitely IN! I can't believe how much the girls loved it. During the first show (dolphin and whale show) Theresa and I decided if that was the ONLY thing we did it would have been worth it. All three girls LOVED it! We had a great day.

Riding on the dolphins (this was the girls favorite show AND also when Lexi decided she wanted to work at Sea World when she grew up.)

Konnor did NOT stop smiling!

Neither did the girls.

It was SOOO humid and warm. Slushies for all!

And popcorn of course.

I love that girl (both of those girls!)

I made Theresa ride with Lex b/c last time we went on a spinning ride I was so sick I almost threw up.

So I rode with Ryan and still got sick. My stomach does NOT like spinning rides.

I was still not feeling great so the girls went on this ride without me.

If you look closely Konnors hands are up. They were up the WHOLE ride! So funny!

Ryan with Joni and Rick. She loved it too.

Showing off the tats.

Loving the Polar bear ice.
Seriously this is what Trav teaches these kids. HAHA.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is for those who aren't on FB (really who isn't on FB?? HAHA) This is one of my great friends in GA (who I met in Germany.) She's written a book and you should all support her and order one! :) I'm so excited to know a "REAL" author! Go to