The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, December 3, 2007


Today I had my "just for fun" ultrasound and it went GREAT!! They finally got some pictures for me to have and send to Travis and we FINALLY got a definate IT'S A GIRL!!!!!! I'm so excited for Alexis to be a big sister. I felt like I couldn't really get excited b/c it was so unsure and now I can be excited about it!!! I am also measuring back at my original due date of 01MAR08 so the Doctor is going to have a meeting with some other docs to decide when they want to induce me so that it's not too early. I've been saying for a while though that I still think my due date is closer to March 1st... What do I know right?? :) I also SAW her move for the first time today. I feel her all the time but I was at Cristine's house and she kicked so hard so I told Cristine to watch and she saw it too!! Strong baby for being only about 2 pounds!!!! I'm so excited to meet our new baby girl!! Lexie was so excited when she saw the pictures she kept putting it up to my belly and saying, "baby in mommy's belly!!" So sweet! I love my girls!! I finally took 2 seconds to figure out how to upload pics (way easier than I thought it was going to be!) Here are a couple ultrasound pics!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


If it isn't broke DON'T fix!! I'm sticking by that from now on!! I had my 28 week appt today and got to see the Doctor I had when I was pregnant with Alexis (Dr. Jackson.) I loved him with Alexis but just kept going to this other Doctor... After today I know if you like someone STICK with them!! He is just so sweet!!! First, I said, "I know ultrasoulds aren't for fun but I was wondering..." He cut me off and said, "I can do it next week I'll be in Labor and Delivery. Oh sorry you weren't finished..." To which I replied, "no that's it I would just like some pictures and a quick sex check." He said okay! No problems, no lecture, no crying!

Then I mentioned that I needed a letter to carry the Lovenox shots on the plane with me when I went to AZ so he wrote that on it and told me oh I'm going to add that I would recommend you have a bulkhead aisle seat is that okay? Umm YEAH!! The bulkhead seat has so much room and it's not only great for me but Lexie too!!! WOO HOO!!

We also talked about delivery and it looks like I will be induced this time which I'm a little nervous about. He wants to put me on Heparin (a blood thinner just a little different than Lovenox which is what I'm currently on) about 2 weeks before I deliver and then he wants me to be OFF everything for about 24 hours before I deliver so he wants me to deliver around 38 or 39 weeks... So looks like a February baby after all! :)

We talked about a few other things too and it was actually a pretty quick appointment but I feel so much better and I feel like it wasn't just a wham, bam, thank you ma'am. He actually talked to me about everything and it's just such a relief! I did decided to not mention the other doctors name although I said I wasn't happy with him. Doctor Jackson didn't ask his name but he is the head of OB so if he really wants to know he can find out or he may have already known. I just didn't want it to be a big drama thing...

That's about it Alexis and I are so excited for AZ!! We talk about seeing daddy at Christmas time in Arizona and going on the plane and seeing all her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents! We leave in 9 days!!! YAY!!!!!

Oh I talked to Travis the day after Thanksgiving and he said things are great and he isn't really having a hard time at all. Although he did say this next cycle (the one he's in now) is the hardest one out of the 3. He said basically they just sleep deprive you, food deprive you and make you do a lot of road marches and Land Navigation... He said they get about 2-3 hours of sleep a night and they get 2 MRE's a day which is actually a lot of calories (1 MRE has around 1200-1500 calories in it!) He just said it's WHEN they give it to them. They get one right before they go to sleep so the scarf it down so they can hurry to go to sleep and the other one they get right when they wake up 3 hours later!! So all during the time they're working the hardest they get nothing!! He said he had already lost about 10 pounds (in less than 3 weeks!) Crazy what boys think is fun!! :)

I can't wait to see all you AZ people soon!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! I just wanted to post a couple things since it's Thanksgiving!! I am so Thankful for the life I have!! I am so thankful for Travis and all he does for us and for our country! I'm thankful for Alexis and the absolute JOY she has brought to our lives and I'm thankful for this pregnancy and a new baby on the way!! What a lucky, blessed girl I am, and what a wonderful family I have!!!

Travis is still in Ranger school and I haven't heard from him in almost 3 weeks but I guess no news is good news right now! At least I know he passed the first week which is what he was most worried about but I knew he could do it!!! Hopefully I'll hear from him soon!!!

Alexis and I had a great Thanksgiving over at our GREAT friends The Holtgrewe's! We are so thankful to have them as our family when all the rest of our family is so far from us including Travis!! I'm going to try to figure out, at some point, how to post pictures b/c her and Anya had matching dresses and they were just too cute!!!! I hope everyone is also having a wonderful Thanksgiving and we really can't wait to see those of you in Arizona in TWO WEEKS!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


So I had another Doctor Appt. on Friday just to go over the ultrasound stuff and my doctor decided to make me cry instead of giving me another ultrasound!!!

I started by telling him I knew ultrasounds weren't for pictures and to find out the sex BUT I was really bummed b/c they didn't give me any pictures and Travis wasn't able to be there. Plus they were REALLY unsure on the sex so I was wondering if I could get another mini one?? (The ultrasound machine was sitting right there by the way!!) So he goes on for the next TEN minutes about how this makes him upset and really angry and Americans want what they want when they want it and they want it all for free (huh?) Then he said the someone of pediatrics doesn't really know the exact amount of ultrasounds that is safe for baby (hello I know TONS of docs do them at every appt and it's shown to be pretty safe!) THEN he says hey we get what we pay for right? That was the best part. He's MILITARY!!! So basically since I don't pay a monthly payment that means I don't PAY for insurance. Travis going to Iraq every other year and being shot wasn't enough payment. I'm basically just going to a free clinic...

I was so near tears I was biting my lip to hold them back. He really went on about this all during checking the heartbeat and the measurments and basically my whole appointment. I was just dumbfounded! All he had to say was NO I don't really do that. That was all!!! So I went home and changed doctors and now I have the same one I had for Alexis (who I LOVED by the way but thought this doctor wasn't all that bad. I was WRONG.) So my next appt is right before I come to AZ and if he doesn't do an ultrasound (again I understand them saying no it just didn't need to be so many words about it) I was thinking I could just go pay for a cool 3-D one or something while I was in AZ...

Sorry to sound upset but I was really upset!! Travis is going to report it all to the right people and my new doctor is the head of OB so I was thinking I may talk to him about it too. (I've heard other complaints about this doctor from friends so hopefully we can do something about it.)

Anyways, everything else really is great!! The pregnancy is going great, LExie is as cute as ever. Travis is still preparing for Ranger school. We are excited to see you all at Christmas and I hope you all got the pics of Alexis I FINALLY sent out!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I had my ultrasound today at the Germany hospital. I was really disappointed with my visit. The tech just wasn't very friendly and I didn't get any pictures. I'm really hoping my visit Friday with my regular doctor he'll give me another one with some pictures. So the big news...

The tech wasn't really sure about it b/c the baby was facing the wrong way but she thinks... IT'S A GIRL!!! :) So Alexis will have a baby sister!! We're really excited but I really want a double check before we start buying all the fun stuff!! :) The great news is the baby looks perfectly healthy and that is the most important thing!! :)

Alexis is doing great with potty training. We have yet to move on to the nightime or naptime with out a pull up but the daytime is going really well!! She has so much personality and of course a little flare for the dramatic (I have NO idea where she gets that!! :) ) She loves her daddy time and is a healthy, happy, normal 2 year old little girl. We love her to death!!

Travis is still training for Ranger school and also is in a school for his rank. I am just enjoying the second trimester of pregnancy and staying busy with church and of course Alexis. For those who may not know yet Alexis and I bought our tickets for sure and we WILL be there in December!!! WOO HOO!!! That's the latest update on us!! Please send us updates when you get a chance we LOVE reading them!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So it's been a while... I do plan on keeping this more up to date but we haven't had internet for about 2 weeks now so I haven't been on-line at all... We just moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom. We moved into Baumholder so there are pluses and minuses. We loved where we lived before b/c we had great neighbors and we were somewhat away from the drama of living on post. The plus side is we are closer to EVERYTHING, 5 minutes from pretty much anything we need, including where Trav has to go to work. That makes is really nice. It's also nice to be in a bigger place. Besides getting an extra bedroom we got an extra bathroom, a laundry room, a bigger kitchen, and a bigger living room/dining room. It's a nice little place I think... :)

Alexis is doing great. She's really putting words together into somewhat sentences. We also started Friday with potty traingin. The first day she went through all 8 pairs of underwear and that was just before naptime!! By the end of the weekend she was only having 1 or 2 accidents and now today we haven't had any so far (it's about 1500 so she's doing great.) She's still in her crib so she's wearing a diaper to bed still but we'll be transitioning to a big bed soon and we'll work on night time and nap time then. She is a TON of fun. She loves playing rough with daddy but can also be a huge sweetheart by always saying, "sorry mommy" when she thinks she hurts me (usually it's my own fault! :) ) She absolutely LOVES books especially the same ones over and over and over. Oh and of course Sesame Street, especially Elmo.

I'm finally pretty much over morning sickness although occasionally it'll come back and lately I've been getting these crazy, never ending headaches but for the most part the pregnancy is uneventful. My ultrasound is scheduled for Ocober 16th and I can't wait to, hopefully, find out the sex! I've been feeling little movements in there but nothing regular or too strong.

Travis is going to Ranger school which he is excited and nervous about. It worked out nice though b/c now Alexis and I will be coming to Arizona for a month and he'll meet us there for part of that time b/c he'll already be in the states and gets some time off for Christmas. Work, of course, keeps him busy and we look forward to the nights that he gets off before 1830 and of course the weekends that he doesn't get called in for some stupid drunk soldier. (Sorry a little bitter! :) )

I think that's about it that's been going on. I really will keep this better updated... We hope you all are doing well and having a great week!!!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


So I've been trying to get a babycountdown page like I did with Alexis so I could keep everyone updated but it's really giving me a hard time so I decided I may as well join the blogging world... I'm just going to recap what I already sent in an e-mail and from now on I will keep you updated through here!! We are really excited for this baby and we can't believe how wonderful it is that Travis will actually get to be here afterall for the birth. What an awesome blessing!!!!!!

SO today was my 10 week check up or so I thought... He did an ultrasound and said ummm no we're changing your due date to February 21st (it was March 1st.) So now I'm actually 12 weeks!! :) Good news though maybe I won't be sick as much soon!!! This naseau is killing me!!!! I know some have it worse but I just feel yucky all the time!!!! We got to see the baby and the Doctor said he/she was moving like crazy!!! Otherwise he said everything looks great!!! We are so excited!!!!!