The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I called my mom today to tell her Happy Birthday (the big 5-0! Happy Birthday mom! :) ) She asked me if I had posted any more blogs and it reminded me I took a break and forgot to post about going to Savannah! :) On our way out of Hilton Head we stopped in Savannah. First we went with Dave and Kerry to a flea market (interesting...) and then we had to say goodbye (sad!) so they could head to the airport. After we decided to head over to Forsyth Park. WE just wanted to walk around and check it out before our drive home and I'm so glad we did. It was SO pretty! :) We had such a great vacation.

Love my family!

This was after they saw the park (I love that Lex is reaching back to help Ryan. I'm not sure what she was saying but I'm sure it was squeals of COME ON RY! :))

Then they were slightly distracted by a helicopter...

She is getting older and more beautiful I swear! :)

I love this face.

Daddy helping them not get soaking wet in their dresses but still play a little in the water...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


One day while we were in Hilton Head we decided to drive up to Charleston for the day. It's a 4 hour drive roundtrip but I thought it was worth it. There is so much history there! We were later than we expected to be (I will take the blame for insisting we stop at Sonic before leaving yes, it's a problem.) So we missed the tour we had planned on doing but we went down to Market Street on our own and got to just walk around and then go to lunch. Then we went back for a later tour. We only got off the bus at Fort Sumter but we drove by Waterfront Park, market street, the battery, and old jail, and tons of old cool houses with so much history! After being in Europe for so long I think I forgot that there is ton of cool history here in the states too! Not a lot of pics b/c we were on the bus but here are a few anyway...

My fam! :)

Fort Sumter.

Ryan had fallen asleep on Kerry during the bus ride which was actually nice b/c I was able to really listed to our guide. But that's why I only have Lex. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011


One of the morning we were in Hilton Head Kerry convinced me to get up early and go down to the beach to see the sunrise. It was soooo early for vacation but I decided it would be fun. I took my camera and tried to have fun shooting something other than the kids! I also stole 2 of the pics from Kerry's camera b/c she has a great zoom lense. It was SO pretty and fun to see I've never seen a sunrise before! I'm glad I went but that doesn't mean she convinced me to go again the morning before we left. (Don't worry she convinced Dave!) Once was good for me! :) I'm such a bum on vacation!

I just liked this shot...

These are Kerry's camera. So pretty.

Right when it first popped up. When we first go there there were only about 5 other people and by the time it was coming up there had to be about 50.

Got the bird in it! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


These pictures are in absolutely NO order and there are a LOT of them! :) We went to the beach 5 times while we were in Hilton Head and I'm telling you the girls (and Kerry and I) NEVER got tired of being there. I usually had to make them leave even though I know Ryan especially was EXHAUSTED! :)

These are the poses I get from Ryan when I tell her to "pose!"

Papa burying the girls!

Ry's turn!

Ry and Grandma Kerry building a sand castle.

Lexi and papa chilling in the ocean.

Hilarious! Ryan just decided to join in with this family in covering their dad in mud. Luckily, he was a great sport and only got a LITTLE nervous when she poured it REALLY close to his face. Notice the mom to the far left who was cracking up (when she wasn't helping to cover him!)

Lexi LOVING the waves. This was one of 3 friends she made while we were there. I love how easily kids make friends.

Lunch time!

The first night we went to the beach. This was right before papa decided it was okay to take them fully clothed into the ocean (and also forgot his phone and wallet were still in his pocket!)

And after! They had such a blast with Grandma Kerry and Papa!

As I mentioned in my previous post THIS is what Ryan thought the best method for being in the ocean. It's a terribe pic b/c it was with my phone and the humidity made it foggy but she's there in the yellow squating and watching.

Love my water babes.

Kerry took this pic of Lex and I have a little argument over snacktime I think! :)

This is how Lex burried Ry. So funny with the sand castles around her and the sticks over the top of her for some reason. And Ryan held SOOO still. Love my girls.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Okay I'm not posting pictures today (I promise I will soon and I have PLENTY to go through!) I wanted to write down a couple things the girls have done to make us laugh while on this trip.

Dave and Kerry flew into Savannah so we drove there first and met them at the airport. Alexis had been doing the "are we there yet?" for a while so I told her we're here, we're in Savannah! Her reply, "Mom do they speak English in Savannah?" HA! Our little European traveler is not used to traveling in the states quite yet.

Once we were here in Hilton Head Lex kept on INSISTING she did NOT want to go to the beach. There were too many sharks and jelly fish according to her. Well once we got there she has basically not wanted to leave (on a side note this is the first trip to the Atlantic Ocean that ANY of us has had. The water is so WARM and the weather has been PERFECT!) So we're building sand castles and Alexis makes a little hole and goes and gets water to pour into it. As she pours it in it goes straight into the sand and she yells, "OH NO it's MELTING!!" So cute.

Ryan always has something to say but it's not been as profound as Lex this trip. She's made LOTS of friends though wether they wanted to be friends is irrevelant to her. She's also enjoyed peeing in the ocean. The first day we went to the beach she said I NEED to go potty!! We told her to just go out in the ocean (seriously the ONLY bathrooms they have are quite a ways away don't judge!) After some convincing she goes out about ankle high and starts to pull her swimsuit down! I had to run after her to explain to just go out farther and not pull it down. So since then she goes out there about ankle deep and kinda squats and looks down and watches herself go. No discretion from the 3 year old!

Monday, June 6, 2011


We made it to Hilton Head, SC and we are having a BLAST!!! I'm just posting a couple pics from the pool that is basically right outside our door. We are enjoying just relaxing, sleeping in, spending time with the grandparents, and being in the water (beach AND pool!) The weather is humid but has actually been VERY pleasant. I have more pics from the beach today but for now these will have to do. :)

Pretending to sleep on the lounge chair.
Loving the water.

Ryan and her floaties.

Little fish.