The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, May 31, 2015


We spent our nights while Nic was here just hanging and playing around with a few dance parties and some sushi mixed in there!  Nic PROMISED she would be visiting no matter where we are so it looks like she will get to experience El Paso very soon! ;)
My favorite sushi from my favorite sushi place EVER!  They happened to be right up the road from us and there was always at least a half hour wait.  Totally worth it!!  Volcano Roll!! YUM!

Waiting for sushi!

We got a sitter and I got to hang out with 2 of my faves kid free!

Love this beauty!

Lots of goofing around posing for Nic!

No really LOTS of goofing!

Some dance parties...

And some sweet snuggles.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Beach beach and more beaches!!!  We definitely had some fun in the sun!!
This was how we recovered from our half marathon!

Pokai Bay (one of our faves) at sunset = amazing

Checked out Bellows which we had not been to before and the kids LOVED!

Siblings hanging

Lots of performances from Dak and Ryan.

Lots of sand burying (HAHA so sweet she got them drinks!)

Yup lots of burying!

Yummy drinks on the beach

Oh hey more kids buried in the sand!

Ko olina at sunset also = amazing!

Love her!

Oh and of course lots of coconuts on the beach WITH limes! :)

Friday, May 29, 2015


Nic's request for her visit was basically beach and hike and more beaching and more hiking!  Travis was still doing his class so he kept David so we could head out on a little bit longer trail.  Aiea Loop is an easier hike but about 5 miles long so we took the 3 older kids and headed out!  It was a beautiful trail with great trees and things too look at even though I love view "pay off" type hikes I really enjoyed this one and it did have a cool view of the H3 (one of the 3 highways that runs through Oahu and the one that is my favorite drive on the island!) 
Trying to get a pic of the trail name and Ryan runs in the pic.

Then all 3 of them joined in.

This was the beginning of the hike.  We left David so we were able to take Tucker! (It's hard to have David and Tucker at the same time unless Travis is there to help!)

These 3 are very good together and great hikers!

Off the beaten path.  This wasn't the trail but the kids had to go to the top to see what was up there (Ok so maybe I did too!) 

Off the trail again.  I love how kids play when we hike.  Dak was the knight and Ryan was the princess I believe at this point.  Later on we were fairies... :)

A girl and her dog. Lex loves holding Tucker's leash when we have him.

The H3

My sweetie RyPy

More H3 with Nic!

Selfie stick pic with the whole crew.

And because we must have looked so awkward taking our selfie some nice people offered to take a pic for us!

Yup this one is a bit spoiled by her Nicky!

Some of my favorite goof balls!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


The kids still had school while Nic was here and I could only let them ditch so many days! :) So one of the school days Ashley watched David and Nic, Dak, and I took off on another hike!  I have wanted to do this hike again so I was thrilled it was one of the ones Nic chose.  Pu'u Ma'eli'eli is a pillbox hike and the view is beyond amazing.  Love hiking this beautiful island and it was just another beautiful day in paradise!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Next up on the agenda hiking of course!  Nic wanted to do some hikes we hadn't done yet so I was pretty excited to get them in!  It's amazing how you can live somewhere for 2 years and still find out about new hikes that are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!  I loved this hike and I would absolutely have done it again if we had time!!!  This hike was to Lulumahu Falls.  It was a bit tough for David (especially when we went the wrong way for a bit) but he made it crossing over the stream a couple times and climbing some rocks!
This was before the real hiking even began!  The mountains in the background are amazing!


The falls!

We made it!  Side Note: not sure why Ryan decided this was the face of the day but she did it for just about every picture...

There were quite a few people there and they really wanted to be in our pictures which did not make me happy but I guess it is what it is! :)

Rock star hikers!  Seriously this waterfall was beautiful.  I couldn't even get a pic that had the whole fall in it.

David loved walking through the bamboo part.

Monkeying around.

This was in the beginning and made me a bit nervous with David (and also when Dak decided to mess around with Nic and she almost fell!)  But it's a pretty cool looking picture.

Nic got this cool shot with the graffiti. 
Nic said this was going to be her new house here in Hawaii!

At the end with all the kids and Nic way ahead of David and I.