The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Easter was a nice calm day.  Especially with having church at 11.  We got up and the girls found their baskets.  Then we had to time to get all pretty and go to church.  Afterwards Travis and I made a small Easter dinner together.  It was a nice day! :)  And I can't believe that next Easter there will be 3 baskets to fill! :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


These girls are getting so big.  I asked Travis to come down and help but they are so independent now they pretty much did it all on their own...  They colored 15 eggs and had a blast hunting them and hiding them for mom and dad on Easter. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


We really had a great Spring Break.  I feel like we got a lot of fun stuff in!  On Friday we went with the neighborhood (known as the "bus stop mafia" to some :))  to the Space Science Musuem here in Columubs.  It's a small musuem but well worth the free entry. :)  Usually it's 6 dollars per person but I had a bunch of coupons for free entry up to a family of 4 so we all got in free!  
Playing with some remote control cars.
The weather stations.  The kids thought it was really cool to see themselves on the t.v.
Then we found the blanket to put over them and made floating heads. HAHA
Then the moms had to join in the fun of course!
Flight simulators (they spent the majority of the time on these.)  We went early and were almost the only  people in there!
Planatarium.  This was fun to watch although it got me a little queasy... :)  I LOVE this group and I am going to miss them so much!!!
This was their doing!  Although we tried to get Dillon in there and he wasn't interested. HAHA

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My friend Rebecca really knows how to throw a party! :)  She was the same one who did the St. Patricks Day Party and this time it was for Easter and she invited the whole ward! :)  She not only had lunch for all the kids but they played an egg toss, Hopped with an egg on a spoon, played pin the ears on the rabbit, had a pinata AND an egg hunt.  The rain even held off for us which was great with that many kids at one hosue!  The girls had a great time!

Right before we went I had to run to the store and grabbed the girls hula hoops.  I was amazed at how good Alexi is!  I have a video that I'll have to post soon.  She LOVES to hula hoop!

Ryan and Jeff (Rebecca's husband) She didn't leave his side for the first part of the party.
Lexi hopping with her egg on a spoon she was fast even though technically she was cheating with her finger on the egg. HA!
Ry hopping!
Pin the ears on the bunny.  The scarf wasn't covering their eyes very well so we improvised!

The pinata.

Easter Egg hunt.  Great party!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Our last stop before leaving Atlanta was the Coca Cola Musuem.  I wasn't sure there would be much for the kids but they actually really enjoyed it.  It was fun to see all the old commercials, the 4D movie, and try different sodas from around the world.  Lexi and Ryan were THRILLED when I let them try a sip of cherry coke (a grown up drink usually!:))  Nic also had a fantastic experience there and is even MORE of a (diet) coke lover than ever!  SO if ever there was a reason to have a coke I think this is it! :)  Check out her blog for the story.


This is somehow coke related I promise. :)  We missed the polar bear...
Coke car
They kept talking about the secret of coke being behind this door and Lexi was upset they didn't actually show us!
Helping Ry.  The different sodas were labeled by Continent.  My faves were South American b/c they had a banana flavored soda YUM!
Lexi getting her taste.
Trying the cherry coke.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Nic and I had 3 things we wanted at the hotel (microwave, seperate bedroom, fridge) but only ONE requirement... A POOL!!  Each afternoon we would come back to the hotel and head straight for the pool.  Nic even took the kids the morning before we checked out!  All 3 of these kids just LOVE the pool. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Our second day in Atlanta we drove to the new Legoland Atlanta.  I wasn't sure if there would be enough for Ryan to do but she had an absolute great time!   All of our favorites were the 4D movies.  So cool! 

Ryan and the lego girl. :)
How tall Lexi is in legos.
How much Ry weighs in legos.
This was part of the lego world.  Really neat to look at this whole thing made of legos!
Karoke.  They picked Justin Beiber of course.
Hop scotch!
Cupcake Legos.
Too cool for the 4D movie (there were 3 10 minute movies and we HAD to see all 3!)