The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Ryan played her second season of soccer this spring.  She was quite the star scoring at least 1 goal at every game.  She really does enjoy soccer and has already been asking when soccer starts again!  I really enjoy watching her play and she really works hard.  Travis and I are so proud of what a great kid she is!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Valentine's Day is not our family's favorite holiday.  We don't dislike it but we don't usually make a huge deal out of.  Since Trav was leaving I think we (mostly Travis) went a little overboard and we were all spoiled rotten.  Even I got a new pair of Diamond earrings that are absolutely beautiful!  Travis even made the girls pink crepes before they left for school.  I just love my family.
That evening we didn't have any plans so we turned into the McBride child watch!  Some friends from church brought their 3 cutie boys over (Krystal watched our kids when we did the Aloha run!  Thanks again Krystal!) And Nate and Cristine brought Eric and Anya over.  They all had so much fun especially when Trav decided they all needed some homemade rice crispy treats.  It was a fun night and I hope their parents had a nice romantic evening!
David with his new book.

Girls with their book and movie and chocolates waiting on their crepes.

Showing off their new birthstone necklaces from daddy.

All the kids of the evening (minus Ryan she went with Travis to the store to get rice crispy supplies.)

There was a slight centipede issue.  These 3 cuddled up. So cute!

David and friend Miah rockin on the piano.  Cutest little mischief makers.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


My first race with Travis!  The Great Aloha run is 8.15 miles and has been going on for 30 years!  Travis knew I wanted to do a race with him so for Christmas he bought us both entries and said he would run it with me (he runs because he has to not because he thinks it's fun!)  It was the perfect date morning.  Although our pace was not my best run (our average was 12/mile because I had to stop once to use the bathroom and so did he...) but it was defintely the most fun.  We will definitely have to run together again!  Afterwards he even took me to breakfast.  Good man.


When The Lion King was in AZ the Bean family went and saw it and they LOVED it.  I knew it was coming to Hawaii and when they found out they decided we had to go so they helped us get to go for our Christmas present!  I am so glad we went.  The girls absolutely loved it and so did Travis and I.  So if you ever get a chance to see it GO!  I got teary eyed it was so fantastic.

Don't worry about David either.  He was spending time with this cutie and her family!  (We swaped when they took their older kids a couple weeks before to Lion King.  It worked out perfect! Thanks again Kamaile!) 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


My sweet girls pics from January.
We really love the Kroc center.  Recently Ryan took the swim test to be able to go on the diving boards and rock clibing wall.  She was so happy and jumped right off the low dive.  Then not too long later she tackled the high dive!  So glad we got a membership!

Lexi on the rock wall.

Ryan's turn.

Had to share one of Lexi's snap chats to Theresa.  She's so creative!

She was very proud of herself making her own lunch.  Bagel with cream cheese, cookie and she even threw some carrots on there for good measure!

When you adapt to the Hawaii weather this is what happens when it gets a little cooler than normal.  HAHA!


My sweet David and Friends!
Totally faking it!

He thinks he's a big boy now.

Helping his buddy Evan get some grub.


He made a friend at the back.  Girls watch out!