The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, September 21, 2014


The other hike we did while Nic was here was Pu'u Pia.  This is my absolute favorite kid hike we have done and the girls have done it 4 different times now!  Nic said she liked the trees and such on the other hike better but she enjoyed this one as well.  It was a little extra muddy this time around but these kids didn't mind at all.  Lexi is normally the one in the front with Travis but I think she was just not in a hiking mood because Dak and Ryan stayed in front with Nic and Lex lagged behind so it was her, David, and I taking up the rear.  I did get to hear Nic yell and then I hear Ryan yell and Nic start cracking up.  I guess Dak slipped fell right under Ryan and knock her on her booty and they both started cracking up!  Such good sports and fun hikers!  Beautiful day for a hike!

Friday, September 19, 2014


We did 2 hikes while Nic was here.  The first was Monoa Falls!  It rained on us a little and we got pretty muddy but the kids had a great time in that mud and Nic loved all the trees along the way!  I just love the hiking here and these are the pics to show why!
Showing off those dirty behinds!

Some Nic love!

Showing my mad hiking skills. This was the first time I hiked with David on MY back and wow was it tough but I loved being able to do it and getting the extra workout!  David was pretty happy with it as well!

The top with the waterfall and the whole awesome group!

Nic showing off her guns although she wore him for 2.5 seconds and realized he weighed as much as she does!  HA!

David did get some hiking (running) on his own!

Great hikers!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Nic and Dak came for a visit!!  Thank goodness!  I was going through some major Nic withdrawals!  She had very few requests for her trip... Beach, Hike, go see Pearl Harbor.  Perfect since I have wanted to go since we got here and Travis went with his company.  Such a devestating day for this little island and for the country.  I'm very glad I got to go and also glad I got a chance to explain all that happened to my girls. 

Friday, September 5, 2014


Lexi had a great third grade year!  Her teacher Mrs. Liu was fantastic and Alexis loved her.  She loved school so much she refused to miss any days the last week of school even when I begged her because Nic and Dak were visiting (those posts up next!!)  I'm so proud of what a great student she is!  Also to be honest, this was taken at the end of summer because I didn't get to her classroom in time the last day.  Also why there are no pictures of her with her friends!
Lexi and Mrs. Liu
 Ryan loved her Kindergarten year.  She made lots of  new friends and LOVED her teacher Ms. McCormick.  She's come so far in a year and although she was ok missing a day the last week of school she REFUSED to miss the last day of school.  Super proud of my super Kindergartner!

Ryan and Diego!

Ryan and her sweet friend Merri!

Ryan Ms. McCormick

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


May Day is a big deal in Hawaii.  All the schools have programs and they celebrate the culture of Native Hawaiians.  Each grade performs a song/dance as well as the hula club and a few others.  This year Ryan did an adorable dance to a song called A little Aloha (Kindergartners are SOOO stinking cute!)  Alexis was a little non-traditional and they did a super fun dance to Everything Is Awesome (from the Lego Movie.)  I loved watching the girls and they were super proud of their performances! I didn't get pics of the dances because I took video for Travis but here they are before and after (most kids end up going home right after and we decided to head to the pool! Fun day!) 


Our sweet little Lexi!  In the last month of third grade Alexis got student of the month.  Each month they choose a specific characteristic that the student should possess and for May it was Responsibility.  She was definitely the right choice for that month. Alexis is our super responsible child.  I was very proud of her for all she did in 3rd grade and you could tell she was proud as well.