The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


New Year's Eve Day my dad and Ruth had a Whale watching tour AND parasailing so they wanted an chill New Years and I'm all about chill New Year's so we had Nate and Cristine come over after dinner and we just hang out and played games.  My dad and Ruth didn't quite make it up till midnight (seriously my dad went to bed at 11:45! HAHA!  But the kids did of course!  We had some poppers and confetti fireworks plus a great view of some fireworks.  It was a fun easy night!  2015 is going to be great because Travis will be home this year!!!  Plus it's just going to be great because I say so! ;)
Fun group of kids right here!  (Oh David went down at 8.  No one wants to deal with a crabby toddler!)

This girl!! :)

Throwing their poppers.

This picture made me laugh.  The "clean up crew."

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


We did 2 hikes while my dad and Ruth were here.  Makapu'u is a great hike because it's more of an uphill walk on asphalt.  David does well plus I can take the stroller in case he needs a break (which he rarely does...) It's also beautiful ocean view through the entire thing!  I don't even know how many times I've done this one but it's beautiful and I enjoy it everytime!
David really did have a good time but he did NOT want to smile for the nice lady that offered to take the picture.

At the top!

The girls and the baby!

This is a random pic but David often asks for my phone and takes some random pictures.  I feel like it's like the view from where he sits.  And this time it looks like he's in jail...

Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas time!!  Christmas Eve we had the Holtgrewe's over along with my dad and Ruth.  We had my traditional appetizers for dinner and then we just hung out and enjoyed the night.  Since we gave all the kids Christmas presents early it was adorable when they all broke out with homemade gifts for each other.  They love each other so much!!  We also got our Christmas Eve pajamas and the kiddos looked adorable!!!
Showing off their gifts!

Christmas Eve pajamas!

I got some new jammies too! ;) Love these 3!

Christmas Day was seriously PERFECT!!!  The kids woke up about 7.  We went downstairs and opened stockings.  Then I put the Breakfast casserole into the oven that I had made the night before and we unwrapped all of our presents.  After that we seriously did NOTHING!  We stayed in pajamas, went outside and played for a little bit, took naps, watched movies, ate leftovers, and played games. Obviously the ONLY thing that could have made it a better day was if Travis was home...  I love Christmas!  Here are a few shots.  I didn't take a whole lot of pics but to those who got us gifts THANK YOU!

This cutie with his stocking stuff.

Ryan got a new, to her, kindle!

Grandpa helping David with his new tool table.  ADORABLE!

Love this picture but I didn't take it David loves my camera!

My dad and Ruth got me this tree ornament gnome!  LOVE!!!
Grandma Kerry made Lex these awesome letters cut out of books!  They say I love to Read!  She loved them! (After she got over the fact that she couldn't read them because they were cut! HAHA!  My little bookworm!)

Ryan set up her gifts including her shirt in the piano. So cute!

Happy girl.

He really got it this Christmas and unwrapped all his gifts and got impatient waiting for everyone else's turn! :)

Playing with Tuckers present!

At the end of the night coloring in their new coloring books!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Grandpa and Nanny Ruth came to visit!!  I was so happy to have some Christmas visitors and the kids really love their Grandpa and Nanny Ruth!  We did lots of activities with them and they got to do a lot of activities on their own as well.  (Ruth had never been to Hawaii!) These are just a few random pictures from the trip! 
How cute is my dad?  He had to bring his Santa costume on the flight so he could change and show up to see the grandkids in full dress! :)  He took quite a while getting to us because he was asked so many times to stop and take pictures on his way to us.  Best Santa ever of oourse!

Ready for Church!

Lots of beach time.  Nanny Ruth LOVED the snorkeling!

One of the beach days while they were out snorkeling my kids decided to bury each other and then begged me to take some pictures! 

Love when they love playing together!

And they also decided to build the worlds smallest sandman. ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2014


We had a few Christmas activities to do before Christmas.  I love Christmas and I love the activities but I think my kids love them more.  I bought gingerbread house kits (yes I went the lazy route...) and these girls must have asked me at least 25 times before we actually had time to do them!  They really enjoyed doing these.  David enjoyed eating all of his candy between putting a little frosting on his house.  I even made him a little door out of frosting and when I went to get my camera he ate the entire thing...  HAHA.  He's into everything these days!

 Anya and Eric were over when we decorated our tree and when we had our Ward Christmas Party.  The kids loved decorating and they had so much fun at the party none of them wanted to leave!!  They sang, decorated cupcakes, made ornaments and they sang some songs!  It was a fun night!
Pants for 2 year olds are optional in the McBride house.

Church Christmas outfits!

These kids are my whole world.

Not bad of a self timer! :)

Friday, December 26, 2014


When Cristine and I were talking about what to get each others kiddos for Christmas we decided we really wanted to DO something together instead of buying something...  We went through a few options and decided on the water park that all 4 kids have been BEGGING to go to since we moved here.  It doesn't help that it's right off the freeway and we can see it anytime we go just about anywhere (it's less than 10 minutes from our house!)  Cristine had a great idea to get them sunscreen and granola bars to unwrap and see what they would say and then Nate handed them the envelopes with the brochure in them.  It went well especially when we realized how good our kids were because they were ready to say thank you for just the granola bars and sunscreen. 
We went the next day and it was a great day!  Alexis is quite the dare devil and was tall enough to go on every ride (which she did.)  I LOVE water slides but a couple of them even scared me but she still did them all at least 3 times.  Ryan wasn't tall enough to do all of them but she was pretty content on the play area with the nets and smaller slides.  David didn't go this time because I wanted to be able to take the girls on whatever rides they wanted to go on.  We got season passes though so we will be going back because David is free and there is a great area for him to play on!  Don't worry he go exactly what he asked Cristine for EVERY time she asked what he wanted for Christmas.  Applesauce.  And he was happy as can be!
Ready to open their gifts.

Thanks for the sunscreen and granola bars...

We're going to wet n wild TOMORROW!!!
Waiting patiently to go in.
Not sure if you can tell but it was a bit of an overcast day.  The sun did pop out a few times but it turned out perfect because there was no one there!  Most of the rides had NO ONE in line! 

Just a little excited to get this party started.

I actually took zero pictures because I was running around with Lex the dare devil but Cristine got quite a few.  This was definitely Ryan's favorite area and the pink slide in the back was her (and Cristine's HA!) favorite!
McGrewe kids!

Anya and Ryan are too sweet!

A wonderful McGrewe day just missing the McBride men!  :)  We will be back here again!