The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So Travis just informed me that maybe I should write a blog since it's been over a month... I don't have any pictures to post but I just thought I would let everyone know we're still alive and well! :) We're really enjoying our time in AZ with all the family and friends. Lex and Ryan are enjoying all the attention and having cousins to play with all the time. We will be here for about 2 more weeks and then we are headed on our roadtrip to GA. Once we get settled there I will post some pics and keep my blog more updated!

I do want to write the adorable thing Lexi said the other day. We went camping last week with just Travis, me, Alexis, and Ryan. I was doing Lexi's hair and she said, "mom, we're going to Kindergarten today." I said, "no we're not baby not till you are 5." She said, "mom you SAID and daddy said TOO!" I said, "no we're going CAMPING today not Kindergarten." Her reply was, "Oh mom, I was just speaking Chinese!" HA HA!! It was hilarious!

Ryan is as sweet as ever and also as naughty as ever. She's gotten quite a little personality and that involves annoying her sister or doing things she KNOWS she's not suppossed to b/c she thinks they're funny. She is hilarious to watch.

It may be a while till I post again but I promise I will when I can. Also, when we do get to GA I think we may be going private. There are just too many scary things out there about blogs. So be on the look out for that.