The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, September 20, 2010


The circus is in town!!!! :) I was so excited to take the girls to a REAL circus! We went in Germany but it was really small and I wanted to see the tigers and elephants! Travis was even able to go and I had a lot of fun. The girls liked it but I honestly think the circus is for a little bit older kids. They loved the animals but I don't think they quite grasped how amazing some of the stunts really are. They still had fun and were mostly full of smiles but we had to keep saying, "oooh look at that!" to keep their attention. They enjoyed the cotton candy and balloons so I'm still calling it a success. I think we will wait a couple more years for our next circus.

Alexis in the maze. They set this up during intermission and it was so crazy I told Lex she could go but there was no way Ryan could have.
Ryan dancing in the aisle!

Enjoying the cotton candy.