The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I mea,n honestly, I absolutely have the CUTEST kids! :)  I always think they look like each other when I see them  and in some ways they do all look alike but in some ways not so much... I think David and Alexis look more alike than Ryan but all are adorable!  Here they all are at roughly the same age...  Ryan was such a PEANUT!


It's so fun to have friends and family (and friends who ARE family) come to visit.  I am so glad Theresa decided to come so I could meet Lincoln and she could meet David before we go to AZ next month.  We actually did pretty much nothing the whole week and it was FABULOUS!  Theresa acts like she thinks it's apalling that I love to match my kids and take pics but she didn't put up much of a fight when I said we needed to do it with all 5 kids so I could have a picture to put up on my wall in Hawaii! :)  Unfortunately, we forgot till the night before she left so it was getting late...  We got a few good ones but it was quite the adventure to get all the kids looking and smiling at the same time!!  By the end I'm fairly sure all of them except Alexis had cried! HAHA!
Linc and David.  It's amazing the difference between a couple of months in babies.  Next year we probably won't even notice the age difference but Lincoln is crawling EVERYWHERE and David is still kind of a blob (which I hope lasts for a while!)

Look at their eyes!  Both beautiful blue but totally different blue!
Love these boys!

We started with excited smiles!
Maybe a little TOO excited?

There are some pretty girls.
Now the real fun began...  Cute except David looks scared and Konnor maybe trying to squeeze Linc's head a little.
She lightened the head sqeeze here...

BAHAHAH Poor David and Konnor isn't thrilled here either...

Everyone's not looking but hey no one is crying...
And this is where we chose to stop taking pictures.  HEEHEE! I love my best friend, her husband, and her kids!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Lex had a vision screening at school a couple weeks ago and she suggested we get her eyes checked so I made an appointment and sure enough she needed glasses.  She was SO SUPER BEYOND THRILLED EXCITED to get glasses.  Since she has to wear them all the time now I am so glad she feels that way! :)  They said it was going to take a week to get them in but they came in a day early so off we went.  We got 2 pairs and Lex picked them both out.  I'm sorry but seriously ADORABLE! :)
Pair 1 (these are my favorite.)
Pair 2 (Trav's favorite)
Ryan trying them out.
Wearing them to school today.  She said FIVE people and her teacher told her she looked cute. :) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


First baby laughs are seriously the BEST!!!!  He is so adorable!! :)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Sweet David is growing like a weed!!!  We are really loving having a baby in the house again!  Here are some David pictures! :)
He LOVES bathes.  He could be screaming his head off and I put him in the tub and magically he is smiling!
I just love how sweet he looks.
Loving the lights on his playmat.

Holding that head up SOOOO big!
Playing video games with daddy. HA!
David also rolled over for the first time on August 31.  Then he did it about 100 times so I could get videos and pictures galore!  The whole family was there and the girls thought it was HILARIOUS! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I told Travis we should do something fun Labor Day weekend since he actually had 3 days off.  We decided to head up just past Atlanta to Stone Mountain which is a pretty cool theme park.  The biggest attraction is a Mountain made out of granite with a carving in the side.  There was a ton to do and the kids (and Trav and I had a blast!)  Besides all the things I have pics of there was a barn where they could run around and play and a 4-D movie that we went to.  There was actually quite a bit more to do that we didn't even have time for!  Great family day!
This was mostly what I saw while pushing David in the stroller or wearing him on me. :)
Sweet Girls getting ready for the Duck ride.
The Duck ride is a military vehicle that can drive on land and also on water.  They gave out the most ANNOYING duck whistles ever that the kids loved!
They made us put a life jacket on David which I thought was so goofy since if he fell in he wouldn't be able to really keep his head up anyways! :)  He also got in on the duck whistle.
The kids were really excited to get to drive the vehicle on the water.
Lexi's turn
They also had this climbing area with water everywhere the girls got SOAKED but it was so hot I was glad it was there.
The skyride to the top of the mountain.
On the top of the mountain.
mini-golf.  Alexis even got a hole in one!
Teaching ry.
This is in front of the carving and also right before the laser and firework show started!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ryan has been talking about taking the "big girl bus" and going to the big girl school since for going on 2 years now!  I think she mostly wanted to do what her big sister was doing but I'm happy that she's so excited about it!  When we got to the bus stop she could barely contain herself and when the bus came she RAN to get on it and barely even said goodbye.  She is such an outgoing, easygoing, sweet girl. I am also enjoying the mornings with just David and I but when she gets home I am very happy she's home!
I just love her!

She taken cues from her sister obviously!
Love my girls.
Her backpack seems bigger than her!

They BEG me to make silly faces EVERY time I take pictures!
She gets to go to school with her good buddy Brady and she has been SOO glad to have there (and so have I!) Not sure what this expression is... :)  I love this picture!
And she's OFF!

Friday, August 24, 2012


In the military you definitely get used to "see you laters" you're just not always sure WHEN you will see each other later!  The U'Rens were part of our "bus stop mafia" (yes that's what we named ourselves don't be jealous.)  They moved back in May to Ft Bragg NC.  Lori PROMISED me they would come visit before her oldest Max started school.  I'm SOOOO glad she kept her promise.  Max is Lexi's age and they get along great but Jakey and Ryan are the sweetest friends.  Ryan was beyond thrilled Jake was here.  They were only going to stay for 6 days and ended up staying for 9.  It was a ton of fun and we pretty much did absolutely nothing. :)  I didn't take nearly enough pictures but I got a couple dang cute ones of Ryan and Jake.  Lori has already promised they're coming one more time before we move and I am trying to see if maybe we can get to them one time too.
This was the norm.  Snuggling watching a movie.  Trav wasn't thrilled with it! :)

These 3 are great little buddies.  The 3 younger kids slept over here and Lex, Ayden and Max slept at Emily's.  I love how Ry and Jake have headlamps on.  In the middle of the night Ryan came in to tell me she had no where to sleep. I went in and found Jake and Brady sideways on the bed.  So I scooted Brady over a little and Ryan slept next to him the rest of the night.  HAHA.  So cute!  Oh and don't worry Emily had Lexi sleep in a different room.  She is getting  a little too old for girl/boy sleepovers at least in the same bed. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here are a few random adorable pictures of David.  At his recent 2 month appointment he was 23 inches and 12 pounds 15 ounces.  He is a perfectly healthy baby boy and we all love him to PIECES!!! 
Fell asleep pondering the world!

First smiles!
First tie!  I mean seriously I used to say boys clothes aren't as cute but Grandma Kerry proved me wrong! All ready for church!

Ryan and David snuggles.