The McBride's

The McBride's

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well Happy Saint Patty's Day everyone! :) Not much going on around here! Kerry left last Thursday so I've been doing it on my own for a few days!! (Well just while Travis is at work!) I gotta tell you 2 kids is a LOT different than one!! I swear I haven't been on time to ANYTHING since I had Ryan! I went to the grocery store by myself with both girls on Friday and today I ran a bunch of errands with them!! I think we did pretty well!! I'm pretty lucky that Alexis is really good (usually) at staying with me when I ask and that Ryan is an easy going baby so far! I'm loving having a baby again she's just so sweet!!! I'm also LOVING how sweet Alexis is with her!! Anytime she cries for just a second Lexie is there binkie in hand ready to help Ryan out! I just thought I would post a couple more pics! We had some snow while Kerry was here so I took Alexis out with Anya and they had a blast!! Hopefully that was the last snow of the season! :)

Kerry and Ryan

This was when I got in the shower and asked Lexie to give Ryan her binkie if she started crying and when I got out she had pulled her into her lap!! (Ryan was already on the bed so it wasn't so bad!) I did explain to Lex she can only hold her when mommy or daddy helps her but what a sweetheart!

Daddy's favorite!

Sucking her thumb!!!

Sweet sister kisses!! Oh and also this is how Lexie "supports Ryan's head!"

She loves to stick her toungue out!

Lexie and Anya making snow angels!!!

Last but not least I want to tell everyone Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! We had a great weekend!!!!

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Millers! said...

She is absofreakinglutley adorable!!!!!!! She looks so much like lexie when she was a baby, but a little different... gotta love that holding stage, Doug was going to the bathroom when I was at the gym today and Isaac pulled Ashlynne out of her swing and walked her down the hall into our bedroom to the bathroom to give her to him... Doug said he got SCARED... luckily he holds her correctly, but still, he cant break him of it! YOU GUYS MAKE CUTE BABIES TOO... I want to hold Ryan... I am glad Lexie is a good baby sister, next time I want to see her face! hahaa