The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So we're ABOUT halfway through this deployment YAY!! I say ABOUT b/c you just never know with the army but if it's 15 months from the day Trav left we're about halfway through. I figured I would re-post my goals and keep myself accountable! I think I've been doing pretty well (alhtough not perfect!!) I copied them from my post back in April.

- Read my scriptures every night
Okay I'm really slacking here. I'll remember for a week and then I'll forget for a few days... I'm really not doing terrible I'm ALMOST done with Second Nephi BUT my real goal is to read the whole Book of Mormon before Trav gets home... I know this is terrible but I have NEVER read the entire book so I hope to be able to say that I did...

- Start "school" with Alexis. I found this great website to help me and I'm super excited! I think we will both benefit from it. If you're interested the website is check it out!
We're up to the letter Nn and it's REALLY working! She is learning her letters and is even starting to write them including her name! She LOVES school with mommy and now that she's in preschool too she's really picking stuff up FAST!

- Scrapbook, scrapbook, scrapbook! I'm only about 6 months behind with Alexis but now with 2 kids I really have to try to stay caught up! I love doing it but sometimes I get distracted with other things.

Thanks to having so many wonderful friends to scrapbook with I have really caught up! I am completely caught up with the girls till last month and have actually gotten more going on our travel album. My friend, Ester and I have monthly "scrapbooking weekends" where we just scrapbook for 2 days straight and I just stay the night over there. We have so much fun! Plus lately, Erica, Cristine, Britteny, and I have started having days, here and there, where we will keep everything out on my table and do it all day. I LOVE these times and seriously think I should scrapbook scrapbooking days so I don't ever forget how fun they are!! I know I sound cheesy but with Trav gone and all my family in the states these girls ARE my family and they are FABULOUS!! So I guess this is also a huge shoutout to my girls Britteny, Erica, Cristine, and Ester! Love you guy!

- Organize a few things in my house that have been driving me crazy. You know when you move and you put things away and then as you're living there you realize it's just not a good place for that stuff? Maybe not but I'm realizing I want to change some things around.

I got this done fairly quickly after Travis left and last month I did a "fall cleaning." I just love being cleaned and organized! I know what you're thinking DORK and yes, yes I am!

-Lose this baby weight! I want to lose about 40 pounds! I've started getting up about 6 to get my work out in before the girls get up and that seems to be working out well!!!There's more but those are my big ones.

Okay I'm not sure if I was trying to not sound like I had as much to lose or what but I actually am aiming for 50 pounds lost. I've gotten a great start I think... So far I've lost 26 pounds which means I'm over halfway to my goal. Working out is such an important thing for me but ESPECIALLY when Trav is gone it's the perfect way to have ME time AND do something good for myself!

So I guess that is my update... I am hoping to be posting about WO very soon since the board was Monday we should know something soon!!! Lexie has been sick the last few days but is finally feeling better so we are looking forward to actually LEAVING the house tomorrow. Ryan is really moving around. I now have to keep things REALLY picked up and I swear I sweep 3-4 times a DAY!! I will get some pictures up soon too!!


The Grows said...

I love it when I get a shout out on your blog, it makes me feel special. Anyway, I agree we should scrapbook a scrapbooking day. I think we should do it next time. Also one last thing; it is 2008 not 2009. (19NOV09)

The Mortensens said...

Wow Monica! You are doing so well on your goals, and you are so brave to post them on your blog. I've been too big of a chicken to do that. Maybe I should follow your example!

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I love the idea of scrapbooking your scrapbooking weekends. You should totally do it!

Hayley said...

Stopping bye to say hi! Glad you are doing great with your goals!

Cristine said...

Good for you keeping yourself accountable! You are doing awesome and are a daily inspiration to me! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!

Anna Allred said...

you're doing great Monica!! Reading the Book of Mormon is one of my goals too. I've never read it cover to cover. Wanna challenge each other?