The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Trav and I went to the 2-6 Ball on Thursday and we had a BLAST!! What girl doesn't love getting a new dress and all prettied up to go out and have a great night. They had dinner, some military tradition, and, my favorite part, dancing. I love seeing Trav all dressed up in his uniform and I even got him to dance with me quite a few times! We had a blast and it's always especially nice that Nate and Cristine are in the same unit so we get to spend the night with our friends.

Pretty girls.
Handsome men.

Always the poser.

The McGrewe's (note Trav's Zoolander face... )

All ready to go (Thanks Britteny for doing my hair I LOVED it and also for watching the girls!)

Cristine and I dancing the night away.


Carey said...

great pics!!!

Robinson Family said...

Monica you look beautiful! And Trav isn't too shabby himself ;) Looks like you ditched the shoes by the end, huh? Good call! Good to see you and Trav together again!

The Grows said...

I am so glad you guys had a great time. I am also glad that you liked your hair. You looked beautiful!!!!!!!(Just like always)


I love the barefoot dancing! You look beautiful and I totally love the LaTigra/Blue Steel look. HAHA!

Cristine said...

What a fun night! And I love the pic of the McGrewes!

Millers! said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I am like you, LOVE heels HATE dancing in them! You guys are a FABULOUS Couple! Love ya

Mortensen Family said...

hey! happy anniversary!!! Hope you have a great day!