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The McBride's

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is completely 100% a bragging on my oldest daughter post. If you do not want to hear me rave about Alexis then just close this window now! :) They just finished their first quarter and a couple weeks ago I had a parent teacher conference. Her teacher Ms. Walker basically told me Alexis was doing fantastic in school. She is in the top reading group, she is picking everything up with no problems, and she actually said, "if Alexis ever pulled a stick (like turning from green to yellow, you know...) she would probably faint." HAHA Then we got the memos home that Alexis would be presented two awards (on 2 different days ANNOYING! :) ) The first award was for meeting or exceeding all expectations for her grade level AND all 1's (like A's) for behavior. The second was for citizen of the quarter. They pick one per quarter, per grade level. They did them on different days which was annoying but also nice b/c Travis couldn't go on Wednesday but was able to go today. He also decided it was a great reason to just take her home with us, instead of finishing up her last hour, and take her to Dairy Queen as a treat! She was thrilled. So, basically my kid is rocking Kindergarten and we are VERY proud of her!!!
Accepting her first award.

Showing it off.

Waiting for her second (this was cute to me b/c the first day she was with kids her own age but this one was mostly 4th and 5th graders so she seemed so tiny. In fact when they called her name and she went up all the kids cheered and then started saying Awwww b/c she was so little compared to them. She was a happy, proud girl.)

Accepting her second award (only in a military school is your award presented with your Principal and 2 soldiers!)

Proud mama.

Proud papa (and little sister!)


Cristine said...

I know I told you this on the phone but GO LEX! :) So proud!

The Whetten Family said...

I am so pround. And you look Great Monica.

Jolene said...

oh my goodness - Go Lexi - I teared up reading that! You go girl - and feel free to come over any time and teach my little trouble makers some of your skills :)


GO ALEXIS!! That is seriously awesome. What a great girl!!

The Grows said...

Way to go Alexis. You are a total rock star. I love that kid. You can brag about her to me any day.

Sew Blessed said...

Yea Lexi!!!!! She is too darn cute!

The Mortensens said...

This is your family blog--you should totally brag about your kids!

Great job Alexis and mom and dad too for doing such a good job raising such a wonderful daughter!

Millers! said...

GOOOOO ALEXIS!!!! That is soooo awesome!! Monica you look AMAZING! A TOTAL HOT MAMA!!!!