The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Okay I'm not posting pictures today (I promise I will soon and I have PLENTY to go through!) I wanted to write down a couple things the girls have done to make us laugh while on this trip.

Dave and Kerry flew into Savannah so we drove there first and met them at the airport. Alexis had been doing the "are we there yet?" for a while so I told her we're here, we're in Savannah! Her reply, "Mom do they speak English in Savannah?" HA! Our little European traveler is not used to traveling in the states quite yet.

Once we were here in Hilton Head Lex kept on INSISTING she did NOT want to go to the beach. There were too many sharks and jelly fish according to her. Well once we got there she has basically not wanted to leave (on a side note this is the first trip to the Atlantic Ocean that ANY of us has had. The water is so WARM and the weather has been PERFECT!) So we're building sand castles and Alexis makes a little hole and goes and gets water to pour into it. As she pours it in it goes straight into the sand and she yells, "OH NO it's MELTING!!" So cute.

Ryan always has something to say but it's not been as profound as Lex this trip. She's made LOTS of friends though wether they wanted to be friends is irrevelant to her. She's also enjoyed peeing in the ocean. The first day we went to the beach she said I NEED to go potty!! We told her to just go out in the ocean (seriously the ONLY bathrooms they have are quite a ways away don't judge!) After some convincing she goes out about ankle high and starts to pull her swimsuit down! I had to run after her to explain to just go out farther and not pull it down. So since then she goes out there about ankle deep and kinda squats and looks down and watches herself go. No discretion from the 3 year old!


Cristine said...

I know you texted me the "Do they speak English?" thing but it is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! And Ry peeing in the ocean... AWESOME! Eric loves to watch himself pee, too. Only he begs to do it in the backyard. Wow... we are talking about pee! We must be moms! hahaha Can't wait to see pics!!

Trishelle said...

NICE!! We are quite proficient at the 'peeing in the surf' thing. Totally hard for a 3 year old to compute!!

The Mortensens said...

Oh Monica, I love your stories! They make me laugh. :)

Brad and Erica said...

Hahahaha! I love the "Do they speak English?" comment. Also, Annika did the exact same thing as Ryan when we told her to pee in the ocean. She would not keep her swimsuit bottom on. Luckily, we were the only ones on our (kinda freezing) beach.