The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I've been writing some things down that the girls have been saying and decided to share some of them. I love the conversations you can have with a 6 year old and 3 year old!

Ryan saw someone parachuting on post today. She says to me, "mommy I want to jump out of an airplane!!" I told her she couldn't yet she had to wait till she got a little bigger. She replies with, "no mommy I can hold daddy's hand and jump!" I 100% believe she really would jump if she could!

While looking in the mirror Alexis and Ryan had a whole conversation about their "color shadow."

Ryan likes to get in the fridge, go outside, etc with out asking and I'm always telling her you need to ask. When she does ask sometimes I say, "thank you for asking but no." Now if I say no to her she say, "mommy say but thank you for asking" over and over until I say it! :)

Overheard while Lexi was playing with her barbies and new barbie car from Grandma Kerry, "Umm a diet dr. pepper with easy ice and vanilla." And then a minute later, "Oh no she has diet dr. pepper with vanilla and easy ice coming out of her BLOOD!" (I told Travis after we were slightly disturbed it just shows a little of me and a little of him... :) )

This was just this morning... Last night we went to "movie under the stars." They set up a huge screen in a big field and play a movie when it gets dark. They also pass out popcorn and it's totally free! They did it all through April and they're doing it again through September. The movie was Mr. Popper's Penguins and Lexi LOVED it. (Ry not so much but it was outside so she was happy.) In the movie he names the penguins (Lovey, Bitey, Nimrod, etc.) So as Alexis is snuggling with me in bed this morning she's going through the names and says, "Mom I'm going to name my toes, Madeline (Big Toe) Jakob (next toe) I don't remember the others but the baby toe was Gentleman. HAHAHAHA I was cracking up. What a nut!


Cristine said...

I LOVE your kids!!!! And it cracks me up that Lex's barbie ordered a Diet DP Easy Ice. :)

Trishelle said...

Good grief your kids are cute!! And might I add, brilliantly clever?!


HAHAHA! Man, I love the things kids say!!