The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I loved going to Sea World in CA when I was a kid and when Theresa and her sister invited the girls and I to come see them in FL and go to Sea World and the beack we were definitely IN! I can't believe how much the girls loved it. During the first show (dolphin and whale show) Theresa and I decided if that was the ONLY thing we did it would have been worth it. All three girls LOVED it! We had a great day.

Riding on the dolphins (this was the girls favorite show AND also when Lexi decided she wanted to work at Sea World when she grew up.)

Konnor did NOT stop smiling!

Neither did the girls.

It was SOOO humid and warm. Slushies for all!

And popcorn of course.

I love that girl (both of those girls!)

I made Theresa ride with Lex b/c last time we went on a spinning ride I was so sick I almost threw up.

So I rode with Ryan and still got sick. My stomach does NOT like spinning rides.

I was still not feeling great so the girls went on this ride without me.

If you look closely Konnors hands are up. They were up the WHOLE ride! So funny!

Ryan with Joni and Rick. She loved it too.

Showing off the tats.

Loving the Polar bear ice.
Seriously this is what Trav teaches these kids. HAHA.

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Cristine said...

I love Lex's face when she is showing of her tat! hahahaha Great pics! Glad you guys were able to go to FL and have a fun time!!!