The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, November 11, 2011


This year for Halloween was great!  I asked Ryan what she wanted to be and with ZERO prompting she said a BUMBLEBEE!  Perfect since that's what Lexi was around Ryans age! :)  Lexi decided she wanted to be a lady bug since Ry was going to be a bumble bee and I loved the easiest costume year EVER! :)  We we excited that Dave and Kerry were coming for a few days and they actually had to drive straight to the church where our Trunk or Treat was going on.  The girls RAN over to hug them as soon as they saw them.  We also carved pumpkins (But I guess I forgot to get a "final product" pic...) and went Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.  It was a great weekend!
So glad Grandma Kerry and Papa could come!
Hay Ride.
Trick or Treat!
Lexi helping hand out candy! I think she liked doing that this year as much as GETTING her candy!
Carving pumpkins (please excuse the eye patch. Her eye had been bothering her all day so Trav had her wear this for the day and it worked!
Ryan didn't enjoy the pumpkin guts again this year!

Our sweet lady bug and bumble bee (I did remember to put their wings on after the second block of Trick or Treating!)

Always posing
They were NOT scared by the witch they just wanted to pet her dog!

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Cristine said...

They are SOOOO adorable! It is weird seeing Ry in that costume because I remember Lex in it... they are growing too fast!!!! And the eye patch... priceless!!!!