The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, January 31, 2016


I know these random month pictures are super random but it's just because I want to remember these random things but a whole post just doesn't work... :) 
These pictures need to be posted for 2 reasons... 1. It shows the beauty of the desert and there really is some wonderful beauty in the desert.  2. Travis actually took these pictures less than 2 hours apart!  It was just random he was in the field and took a picture and then the weather just changed drastically!   

We have a GREAT neighborhood and the kids have lots of friends.  This is Dominic who David really likes I love this picture but also I love that David always calls Dominic Domino!  It's so cute because Dominic never seems to mind... :)

We have been doing Letter of the Week just like I did with the girls and one of the activities was making cookies which David was VERY proud of and loved sharing with his sisters!  Such a sweetheart.

When my mom and Mike came we had a VERY lazy weekend and it was sooo nice to just hang out but it also means this is one of like 5 pictures we took! Don't worry we still love Mike even if he is a Cowboys fan (we actually got him this sweatshirt for Christmas. ;))

FaceTime with the Bestie and I told them to smile. HAHA This is what  got!

I met some people at a race I did in December and found out they were part of a running group that ran close to my house.  So I finally made it out to one of their weekend runs and loved being around other runners again!  I'm trying to make it out as often as I can now but this was also one of the coldest runs I've ever done and as we all know I am not a fan of COLD!!

Lined up my shirts and bibs from 2015!  I set a goal of 12 races for the year and I did 13!!  I ran 630 miles for the year I had a PR for my 5k, 8k, 10k, and half marathon and I ran races in 4 different states!  It was great racing year for me! 

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