The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, April 2, 2016


We always ask the girls if they want to try another sport and they always say nah they just want to do soccer.  I'm all about them trying other sports but at the same time I don't mind that they seem to have found what they love! We were not thrilled with the way the elementary school did soccer so we decided to try the YMCA.  David wasn't old enough for the soccer there so he said we would try some flag football! :)  He had a great time and actually did pretty well for how little they are!  They mostly just practiced running and throwing and pulling the flags but he loved it and he loved his coach.

Alexis had a GREAT team and a GREAT coach!  The only bummer was there was only 1 other team to play against and sometimes that team didn't have enough players show up on game days.  She learned a lot and played well though so it was still a great season!

Ryan's coach was great but she had a lot of players on her team who had never played soccer before so her team was still learning.  Ryan was quite the little rock star on her team since she has been playing for a few years now.  She would usually score at least 1 goal if not 2 or 3!  But she also loved helping the other players on her team learn and never got frustrated when they would do something wrong!  She also had a great season!

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