The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, August 9, 2007


So I've been trying to get a babycountdown page like I did with Alexis so I could keep everyone updated but it's really giving me a hard time so I decided I may as well join the blogging world... I'm just going to recap what I already sent in an e-mail and from now on I will keep you updated through here!! We are really excited for this baby and we can't believe how wonderful it is that Travis will actually get to be here afterall for the birth. What an awesome blessing!!!!!!

SO today was my 10 week check up or so I thought... He did an ultrasound and said ummm no we're changing your due date to February 21st (it was March 1st.) So now I'm actually 12 weeks!! :) Good news though maybe I won't be sick as much soon!!! This naseau is killing me!!!! I know some have it worse but I just feel yucky all the time!!!! We got to see the baby and the Doctor said he/she was moving like crazy!!! Otherwise he said everything looks great!!! We are so excited!!!!!


The Lindsey's said...

Yeah for you guys! That's awesome that his deployment date got moved that far back. And happy belated birthday for Lex!!! I feel like such a doorknob that I didn't wish her a happy birthday when it actually was her birthday but I guess I take after my mom with my punctuality with that kind of stuff =). Hope you start feeling better.

littleapo said...

WOOHOO a baby!! I love Babies!!

Millers! said...

Yeah I am glad you have this... I just started one a little while back too, more for my step sister... but thats ok, you can look at mine too! hahaha... I am glad that the guys arent leaving sooner than you thought, I dont know the date, but if he is here for the birth than that is awesome! well keep us updated, atleast better than myspace! LOL, and post pictures... I want to see Greece pics and Lexies birthday pics! Love ya

tiajaynbaby said...

So happy for you and your family Monica! Thats great you are already 12 weeks The sooner the better huh LOL I know what your going through trust me! That is so wonderful that Travis will be there with you, Im so excited to have Jay with me too It will be such a different experience! Congrats again! Looking forward to your updates!

whokerrs said...

This is that perfectly punctual Mother that Traci mentioned. Oh well, I don't want to cause any heart problems should I actually send something in a timely manner. This will just keep you looking forward to what ever it may be. I love you all!