The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So it's been a while... I do plan on keeping this more up to date but we haven't had internet for about 2 weeks now so I haven't been on-line at all... We just moved from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom. We moved into Baumholder so there are pluses and minuses. We loved where we lived before b/c we had great neighbors and we were somewhat away from the drama of living on post. The plus side is we are closer to EVERYTHING, 5 minutes from pretty much anything we need, including where Trav has to go to work. That makes is really nice. It's also nice to be in a bigger place. Besides getting an extra bedroom we got an extra bathroom, a laundry room, a bigger kitchen, and a bigger living room/dining room. It's a nice little place I think... :)

Alexis is doing great. She's really putting words together into somewhat sentences. We also started Friday with potty traingin. The first day she went through all 8 pairs of underwear and that was just before naptime!! By the end of the weekend she was only having 1 or 2 accidents and now today we haven't had any so far (it's about 1500 so she's doing great.) She's still in her crib so she's wearing a diaper to bed still but we'll be transitioning to a big bed soon and we'll work on night time and nap time then. She is a TON of fun. She loves playing rough with daddy but can also be a huge sweetheart by always saying, "sorry mommy" when she thinks she hurts me (usually it's my own fault! :) ) She absolutely LOVES books especially the same ones over and over and over. Oh and of course Sesame Street, especially Elmo.

I'm finally pretty much over morning sickness although occasionally it'll come back and lately I've been getting these crazy, never ending headaches but for the most part the pregnancy is uneventful. My ultrasound is scheduled for Ocober 16th and I can't wait to, hopefully, find out the sex! I've been feeling little movements in there but nothing regular or too strong.

Travis is going to Ranger school which he is excited and nervous about. It worked out nice though b/c now Alexis and I will be coming to Arizona for a month and he'll meet us there for part of that time b/c he'll already be in the states and gets some time off for Christmas. Work, of course, keeps him busy and we look forward to the nights that he gets off before 1830 and of course the weekends that he doesn't get called in for some stupid drunk soldier. (Sorry a little bitter! :) )

I think that's about it that's been going on. I really will keep this better updated... We hope you all are doing well and having a great week!!!!!!

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Capture Photography said...

Ahha! I wondered if you were moving!!! FUN. Hey, and between us and SFC Goetz (seeing as he WORKS at Ranger School), we can do whatever Travis needs when he comes out for Ranger School! We can get him on his 8 hour break, he can do laundry at our place (or theirs) and we can FEED HIM! Are you going to come for his graduation?? I think you should, then you can come stay with MEEEEEE!!!!!!!! :)