The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A little update... Travis got home last Tuesday and Alexis and I were able to pick him up at the airport! She is overjoyed to have him home! All of sudden she's staying in her bed a little better AND back to normal with her potty training!!! He has to do everything for her b/c she won't let me which is a nice break for me! He's happy to be able to sleep and eat whenever he wants and we're all enjoying being a family again.

I'm being induced in TWO weeks!! CRAZY!!! We've been getting all the last minute preperations done. Today we hung everything on the walls and I have a few more things coming in the mail. Once it's all up I will definately post some pics with Lex's and Ryan's room. They are both coming together really well!! I'm of course doing a crazy amount of laundry and can't believe how much stuff I have!!!

Travis is on leave till the 17th and then I'll be induced on the 20th so he'll pretty much have the whole month of February off!!! I guess that's about it for now...


Millers! said...

TWO WEEKS.. that is so awesome! Glad that Travis is home with you, how cute that Lexie just wants to be with Travis!!! hopefully she wont be too jealous of the new baby. Isaac and Chase havent had any problems with that at all, thank goodness! Glad everything is going good for you. Love ya

DesiRae Murdock said...

Hey Girl! Thank you for the Birthday Wish! I can't believe I am 29! Man I am getting old!I am so excited about the baby coming! I can't wait to see what she looks like! Well I gotta go get Tyler's dinner together for work tonight! I love you girl! wish I was with you!