The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, April 19, 2008


My dad is here!!! I am so excited! We leave on Monday for Holland for a week! I am a little nervous about traveling with 2 kids but I will have my dad, his sister, and his cousin. All are grandparents and none of them get to see their grandkids very often so I'm pretty sure I will have some help! I will have to post some pictures when we get back!! I'm speaking in church tomorrow. Ugh I hope it goes okay. You would think with how loud and outgoing I am I wouldn't get nervous but I definately do. Luckily my dad will be there to sit with the girls so that's a huge help!

I wanted to mentions someone who is on my mind today. My friend Ryan Bean (most of you know who she is.) Tomorrow would be her 27th birthday. I think about where she would be and what she would be doing. She was an awesome girl and I miss her like crazy. I am lucky and grateful to have her family still in my life. She is obviously who my little Ryan is named after although not b/c she died but b/c I loved the name and loved her and always told her I wanted to name my daughter Ryan also. We get lots of looks when we tell people she is a girl and her name is Ryan and I love it!! :) One day I know I will see her again! Love you Ryan!


Millers! said...

Didnt you JUST speak in Sacrament meeting? Have fun in Holland, we LOVE Holland, one of our many favorite places! How fun you have visitors.. that is awesome!

Mortensen Family said...

I think of Ryan often too, and just remember spanish class sophomore year. =0) I think it is special that you named your daughter after her, and I also think it is a beautiful name for your beautiful little girl. Happy 27th Ryan Bean!
Monica, you're great