The McBride's

The McBride's

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I know it's been a while! I can not believe how busy 2 kids keeps you!! Especially with out a husband home!!! We've been doing great!!! Travis is doing well in Iraq and we're able to talk usually about every other day on Skype! I wanted to post some pictures of the girls from the last month or so. They are just so cute and at such fun ages!! Lexie is really talking up a storm. She always has something to say. Here is a couple of my favorites...

This one is kinda gross but I'm sorry it's funny! ALexis has been having diaherrea the last week or so and I finally decided to take her in just to have them check her out. Well of course our clinic is booked and then closed for the next 4 days! So I decide Thursday to just take her to the ER. Cristine also had to go so we just all went together. So we're checking in at the ER and Alexis and Anya are saying goodbye so Cristine can go to her appt. At the top of their lungs this is their conversation, Anya: "Lexie, do YOU have diaherrea??" ALexis: "Yeah Anya I have diaherrea!!" It was so funy we all just busted out laughing and, of course, all the soldiers thought it was hilarious!

Her other thing is bugs! She is so obssessed! "Look mommy a bug! Where is the bug going?" I don't know Alexis "Oh I think he is going to pick flowers!" Then a couple days later she decided stepping on them is pretty fun too!!!

She also told me the other day, "mommy, you're not Ryan's mommy you're my mommy." I said no I'm both of your mommy's! She said, "no Ryan is not your kid!" I have no idea where she gets this stuff from. She is just full of conversation!

We've been on track with her "school." She LOVES it! We're up to the letter E and this week we're doing a review of the first 5. Here is a pic of one of our weeks and all we did. She LOVED her cat puppet!!!!

She also decided a couple weeks ago to fall out of her bed! I hear a loud THUNK and she starts crying. So I go in to console her and get ready to lay her back down when I realize her face was covered in blood! It looked worse than it was but she definately had a fat lip for church the next day!!! It's kinda hard to see in this picture but it looked pretty bad!

It's FINALLY been warming up!! We've been playing outside a ton and actually getting to wear summer clothes! Although then the last few days it started raining again but we were happy to have quite a few nice days in a row!!

Ryan has really found her voice!!! She's been talking and actually started giggling a litte!! She is such a little sweetheart and will pretty much smile on cue now!!

Also hard to see but she has BEAUTIFUL eye lashes!! They are so LONG!!

So I have been trying SO hard to take out Ryan's fingers and put her pacifier in but this little girl just LOVES her fingers!!!!!! (I don't know why I can NOT figure out how to flip this picture!)

Alexis loves her little sister! She has her occasional jealous moments but for the most part she loves helping and hugging and kissing her!! Ryan is more than happy to let her!!! Alexis will always say, "I want Ryan to talk to me!" So I try to get Ryan to talk and Lexie loves it!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! Remember to think about those that have died for our freedom!!


Millers! said...

look at your girls soo big and so beautiful! Alexis and Anya are so funny I was cracking up!!!! hey dont wait so long to update next time! hahaha love ya

Heather said...

Monica you have such a cute family. We only wish we could be closer to you. Glad you are doing well.

Chris and Tara Andrus said...

HEY!! So I got a blog! I'm not really sure how this works, haha. Those pictures are adorable! Ryan looks a lot like you Monica!

The Lindsey's said...

Those are great pics!! I agree with Tara- I think Ryan looks lots like you. To me she doesn't look like Lex did in her baby pics. I can't wait to see you all! You have to post lots more so we can feel like we see you all the time =). But i'm not one to talk- I hardly ever post. IT's hard! Plus you're the only one there taking care of your kids! YOu're a great mama =)

Amber said...

OMG! your girls are beautiful!