The McBride's

The McBride's

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay so we got these daddy dolls for the girls! They are the cutest things ever and Alexis LOVES hers!! Her friend Anya loves hers too! So the other day they were both playing with their daddy dolls and they ended up on the couch together and I just thought it was the funnies thing!!!! Cristine looks over and says, "hey look Nate and Travis are on the couch together!!!"

Alexis likes to put her daddy in all sorts of places! Here he was swinging in Ryan's swing!
Anya likes to feed her daddy in Ryan's high chair. These girls are just too cute!!!!
Oh and for those of you who know my friend Cristine she is in LABOR right now!!! I am so excited to meet baby Eric!!! The Holtgrewe's are family to us and we have been so fortunate to be stationed here together for so long!! Keep her in your prayers since Nate is in Iraq as well and, although her mom is here, it's going to be tough!!!

*** A bunch of people have been e-mailing and asking for the website where we got these daddy dolls!! :) I figured I would post a link for you all! They are about 30 bucks and you can get a voice recorder for I think about 8 more dollars! You can also get something written on the bottom (Lexie's and Ryan say Daddy Loves Alexis! and Daddy Loves Ryan!) You can also pick your back (there are a few I think the main ones are pink, pink camo, blue, blue camo.) Anya and Alexis LOVE them!!!!! ***


Fawn said...

OK monica- that is the neatest thing I ever saw! that made me teary eyed. Where did you get those dolls? I am trying to find something to give to my neice because my B-I-L is being sent to afghanistan in a few months. That is so perfect. Did you make them? Please let me know. Thanks.

Robinson Family said...

That is too cute!! I miss you guys and can't wait to see you in July, and get to meet Miss Ryan. I just started a blog.... so email me your address and I will add you.

Millers! said...

Oh my gosh, those are so cute! you have to tell me where you got those so I can get them for the kids when Doug leaves for Iraq... I love they that take them everywhere! Also if you want those vinyl letters, let me know and I can make some for you... on June 6th I will be in Utah and my mom is bringing her machine... I am making stuff for Anna and I can do it for you also, they arent that expensive and they are pretty quick to make! you can call me too... again... if you want to try... I will have the phone charged and on me! Love you

Allreds said...

How stinkin' cute are those dolls!!What a great idea...and how cute are Lexie and Anya feeding them and putting them in sweet! Miss you guys!