The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Some updated pictures of the girls!!!! I know it's been a while! :) Ryan actually hit 11 pounds so we're really happy about that!! She loves to giggle and play on her playmat! She is super easy going which has made my life SO much easier!! Lexie is LOVING school!!! We are up to the letter H and number 8 and she's learned all sorts of other things!! She has started coloring INSIDE the lines which I'm really proud of! Okay it's not perfect but for not even 3 I think it's pretty dang good! She really looks forward to it every day! We'll be taking a break while in AZ but we'll get right back into it when we get back!!!

Lexie pushing Ryan in her baby stroller (not really I swear we just took the pic!)
Pretty girl! I just loved it in black and white! She looks so sweet and innocent! :)
Cool girl Ryan!
Sweet sisters!
Pretty baby!!


Millers! said...

Beautiful girls!!! oh go to they have AWESOME big bows for the girls.. I know you would appreciate them.. I never like big bows til I had my own! hahahaa. also we are starting that preschool with Isaac through the summer, that curriculum you told us about..super excited! thanks by the way!

Allreds said...

Lexie and Ryan are so sweet!! You take great pictures!!

Donna said...

Your girls are so cute.