The McBride's

The McBride's

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Okay time for another look at our girls around the same age!! Ryan tripoded today for the first time and I remembered I took a ton of pics of Alexis doing this. Here they are! Can you tell I love the playmat! Alexis loved it and now so does Ryan (Thanks Kerry bet you didn't remember you were the one that bought this! :) ) So Lex is on the top and Ryan is on the bottom. Makes me realize how tiny Ryan is but it's fun to see the similarities and differences. I think Ryan has a few more of my features but people still tell me all the time she looks like Trav and... she does! :) Aren't they too cute!


Millers! said...

yeah I definitely think Ryan looks alot more like you than Travis... beautiful Girls.. I love that Tripod... Ashlynne is doing that also... but trying to sit up on her own as well.. that is scary with two older brothers! CUTE PICS! Keep updating!

Allreds said...

Cute patooties! I agree with Lesa...I definitely see more of you in Ryan. Hope you have fun in AZ!!!