The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Okay all my military friends (or anyone really!) I was sent this sight and HAD to share b/c I just think there are some stinking cute things!!! Check it out and let me know if you order anything just for fun! :) I ordered me a sweatshirt and both girls t-shirts. I'll probably order more b/c I'm just a cheese like that! :)


Conforti Family said...

I Love it, Mike will most likely be going back sooner than later so I am definitely going to get things for the girls and I!!!

Anna Allred said...

YAY! You added more pictures...I can't believe how big Lexie is. Ryan is adorable and I'm so glad you guys got a mini-van! We know exactly the one we want when we can afford it. But once you have two kids, it just really seems like the thing to do...especially when you pretty much know you might have more.

And I love the silent ranks poem. I remember when Rynn read it as part of her talk in Sacrament meeting.