The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well after a VERY busy couple of months I think our life is FINALLY going back to normal! We were in AZ for over a month, then Travis was here, and then our AWESOME friends Bryatt and Theresa came and got married in Greece (congrats again guys!) plus we got to do some hanging out and traveling around here. So now that we are sorda getting back into the swing of things I figured I should post some pics. This is Princess Alexis. This little girl LOVES to dress up! EVERY morning she wakes up and with in 5 minutes she is changing into one of her dressup costumes. Unless we are leaving this is usually what she is wearing all day long! :) THANK YOU to all those who have bought her dress up clothes! She LOVES them! :)

Cindrella eating breakfast.
This is a favorite shirt of hers and if you look at the shoes you will see they are about 3 sizes too big. She actually isn't allowed to wear these for a little while b/c she wore them till her toes were BLEEDING! I even said, "I think your shoes are making you get owies," and she said, "no, it's okay mommy!
Just thinking about how beautiful she is!!


The Lindsey's said...

she's so stinking cute! I'm glad she's a prissy princess =). Gotta love dress up!

Anna Allred said...

I love all her dressup outfits... I can't believe how BIG all our girls are. Before you know it, we're gonna blink and they will all be headed off to school. SAD! But happy at the same time. LOL!

Millers! said...

She is getting so big too.. holy cow, I love that she LOVES dress ups.. how fun!

McCormick's said...

Hi Love!
I miss you so much! email me at
I am going to start a blog for me and my new family.
Des Kelly, Tat, Aumi, Kaylie, Lucas