The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Just some stuff about the girls...

Alexis is getting to that age where the questions just don't stop coming. She is curious about everything and really trying to figure out the world. A couple of weeks ago we were talking about daddy coming home and I told her he would be home in the summer. She has learned about seasons from a Dora show where they take the snowman from the summer over to the winter, the flower from the fall over to spring etc. So when I told her daddy would be home in the summer she asked me what season it was. I told her it was spring and she got very excited and said summer was next. I told her that was right. She said, "mom, can't we just WALK to summer??" Oh how I wish we could just skip seasons sometimes!! :)

She's also asked me about daddies job. About going to Iraq and working etc. So I told her as much as I could explain. She said, "mommy, when I grow up I want to be a boy!" I kept trying to explain that we were born girls and daddy and papa and baby Eric were born boys and we don't get to switch. She had a very hard time understanding that so finally I just went with well Heavenly Father made us girls. That seemed to end it... for now.

Ryan has become quite the climber. She may not be walking yet but she gets where she wants to and she can get ON what she wants to too. Her fave is Lexie's rocking chair that Trav built for her. She will climb up and stand up and rock it back and forth. Fast then slow. All the way till I walk over and then she will quickly sit down!!

So a couple weeks ago I was doing dishes in the kitchen. Lex was playing the computer, Ryan was playing in the living room, and I hear a noise. I thought that's odd that sounds like my salt and pepper shaker. I walk in to find Ryan ON the kitchen table. She had managed to crawl all the way up and was just up there playing. I think she used a little stool of Alexis's but it must have been just the right way b/c I haven't caught her since. I wish I got a picture but I was in shock and just hurried to get her down!!

I love these girls so much! They make me smile EVERY day! They help the time with out Travis go by so quickly. I am a very blessed mama.


Cristine said...

You really are a very blessed mama! You have two amazing girls and I feel blessed to be able to watch them grow with you!

Plus... they crack me up! :) HEE HEE! And Ry is sure becoming a daredevil with her climbing!

Millers! said...

I cant believe that Ryan is Climbing.. Ashlynne just does stairs... that is enough for me..she isnt walking yet either, and that is ok! Lexie is so cute.. so is Ryan, but I love how witty she is with her questions and answers! Cute girl!