The McBride's

The McBride's

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We are so glad Travs is home. I'm not sure who is more excited and happy Travis, Alexis, or me (Ryan is happy but you know she's so young and easygoing she's just happy to get attention from an extra person.) We've been going non-stop. Trav's gear and boxes from Iraq are still sitting all over the house and we don't even care. We've just been spending time together going to the park, the pool and, of course, Trav took Lex on her first fishing trip. Travis had an early morning formation and then was off b/c it was the day for single soldiers to get all their stuff that was in storage. So he decided to take Lexie fishing. They have been talking about it for MONTHS. When daddy gets back Lex and daddy are going to go fishing just the 2 of them. Alexis LOVED it. Travis said she was having a blast! She even caught a fish! She was so proud and they were gone all morning long. I am fairly certain there will be a lot of alone morning for Ryan and I over the next month or so. I'm really not sure who had more fun Alexis or Travis! :)

Doesn't she look like a little fisher.

Her first catch!
So proud!
Some other random pics. Trav put this on her and it didn't even have the plates in it and she kept falling down and couldn't get back up! This is her "mean face."

Playing in the mosquito tent. It's still up in Lexie's room and the girls keep playing in it.

This is a really random picture but I love it so much I had to share. Anya turned 4 this month (wow where has the time gone??) This was Ryan at her birthday party. We had a great time.

One more side note... I just talked to Cristine and Nate is on the plane flying to Germany as I type this!!! I'm so excited for them to be back together too!!! WELCOME HOME NATHAN!!!! Stay tuned for BBQ pics VERY SOON!! :)


Jolene said...

OMG - those are the cutest pictures ever. I love that she is holding the fish and so proud of it :)

Those vests are HEAVY - I can picture her trying to walk and falling down - LOL

I'm so happy for you to have the whole family together again! Enjoy your time :)


YAY! I'm so excited for Cristine. He's probably home by now, then? WOOHOO!!!

I love those pictures of Lexie and the fish. What a big girl! Those vests are really heavy. I had a hard time taking a step with the plates in.

I'm so happy you guys are happy!!!

The Grows said...

I love the pictures. I especially like the ones of Lexie fishing. She looks like such and natural. I will Alexia was old enough to go fishing it looks like fun. Plus, those were some big fish.

Millers! said...

Love the pictures... She looks adorable fishing and with her fish! Did she help clean it? Your girls are just adorable!

Chris and Tara Andrus said...

Holy Cow, that is one big fish! Lex is a natural! So where are all the pictures of TRAVIS??? You're holding out on us!!

Millers! said...

Yes it was on purpose, I always mix up the names, and we just find it funny, I think sometimes I am dyslexic! Yes Isaac is so big, and he thinks he owns the place.. I am telling you, this little man is going to be the death of me, with stress.. he is so good, but loves to explore!

Laura said...

So wonderful and cute pics! Congrats on the homecoming! Laura in ludwgisburg, come over to when you have a chance to say hello!