The McBride's

The McBride's

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I know it's been a while since I've posted. Having Trav home makes my life so much busier and my normal computer time is spent relaxing with Travis! :) We've been having a blast. We've been bbqing, fishing, going on a date, hanging out as a family and with friends. Most of these pictures are pretty random but here is some of what we've been up to! :) I will be posting some great pictures from Eric's one year party soon. He had a James Bond so we all got dressed up. We decided to also use that as an excuse to get some good pictures of all of us together!

The men grillin'! :)

Playing with friends Annika and Branten.

Ryan, Branton, Eric, and Anni

2 of my girls Cristine and Erica. I just like this picture of them! :)
Playing in the grass.
Trav and I.
This time when Trav went fishing I came out for a couple hours with Ryan. We had fun playing in the grass and the sun was shining. Any outdoors makes Ryan and Lex happy. I was happy just shooting pictures of everyone! :)

And just some other randome pictures from this month...


The Grows said...

I love all the pictures of all the things you have been doing. It seems like I don't see you much any more so it helps to keep me up to date.

Cristine said...

Great pics! It's about time you posted! HA HA HA! :) said...

Love your pictures! So cute.. you look Fabulous by the way~ Your girls look so happy!

Millers! said...

Whoops that was me.. LESA! I was on my moms computer still in California! Love you girl!