The McBride's

The McBride's

Friday, June 5, 2009


They had a big Welcome Home Ceremony/Party for all of post on Thursday and then leave started for everyone the next day. At the Party they had rides for the kids and free food which was pretty cool. They also had a concert later that night which Trav and I didn't go to. It was Hinder and we're not huge fans. I mean it would have been fun but not worth getting a babysitter. Instead, we watched our downstairs neighbors kid so they could go. Alexis had a BLAST. Ryan thought the couple things she could go on were pretty neat but mostly it was just a beautiful day to be outside and it wasn't far from our house so we walked down there.Lexie and daddy. She is so spoiled now that daddy is home. She gets carried on his shoulders EVERYWHERE!! :) Good thing he loves it too.

Daddy and Ryan.

On the train ride. Trav told Lex to put her arm around Ryan and help her and she kept it there the entire ride. She is such a sweet sister.

Daddy and Lex on the bumper cars. This was, by far, her favorite.

The carasoul.

Ryan just hanging out in her stroller.

Alexis LOVES dogs. This dog was huge and she loved it.


Millers! said...

how fun! its funny the little things you miss.. like the retarded Carnivals in Baumholder,free food and rides! Alexis looks soooo happy... I have 2 weeks... TWO WEEKS! Girl... get Verizon when you get back to the states! LOL

The Lindsey's said...

Those are GREAT pictures! I LOVE Ryan's hair color! It looks like the same color coming in on Shelby's!

Cristine said...

Looks like you all had fun!!!