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The McBride's

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I know everyone says it but really I can not believe MY baby is 4!! I could have sworn I JUST found out I was pregnant for the first time. She really is a smart little girl. I know everyone also says that but it's really true! She knows all her letter AND most of the sounds they make. She's working on writing them and is up to Uu in her workbook. We're trying to start a little beginner piano lessons with her and she is actually really enjoying it. Right after we write letters she closes her workbook and say okay piano time. She is a fantastic big sister. She loves going in to wake Ryan up. She is always willing to help me with her by getting me a diaper or letting Ryan play with her toys. She is definately still a daddy's girl and looks forward to him getting home from work every day. It's okay though I know she loves her mommy too. I am so proud of our little girl!
Originally we were going to go to Sternenland (an indoor play place) for her birthday but for some reason she kept telling me she did NOT want to go there for her birthday. I mean she would get out of bed at night and come tell me, "mommy, I don't want to go to the Star Place for my birthday!" Needless to say we decided we better plan something else. We decided to just have small party/bbq at the park. The kids always love being outside... I found some princess decorations at the PX and I have to say this was the most low key birthday I've done for Alexis and it was FANTASTIC!!!

Posing with the cake and cookies (yep Cristine made her FANTASTIC sugar cookies again!! I may have to try my had at these cookies since we're moving and won't have her there for the next birthday! Thanks Cristine they were fabulous as usual!)Blowing out her candles.

Opening presents. It may have had a princess theme but the real theme was My Little Pony and she LOVED it! She's played nothing but ponies for the last 3 days!

A Pony Book! She was seriously so excited over EVERY pony thing she got!

Here is what Ryan and Anni were doing most of the time. Climbing on tables to get more food! :)

Her "big" present was a big girl bike with training wheels. She got the hang of her bike SO quick! I guess it worked out best being at a park so she could get some good use out of it before we have to ship it! :)

Eating cake with all her presents!!!!

Thank you Cristine, Nate, Eric, Anya, Brad, Erica, and Anni for coming to Lexie's party! We love you!


Millers! said...

SO CUTE!! Happy Birthday Lexie..

Cristine said...

Happy birthday, Lexie!!!!!

The Grows said...

I am so glad you guys had such a good time. I was just thinking about Lexi and her party and then decided to come see if you had blogged it yet. I love all the pictures but it makes me want to cry. I wish we could have been there. I miss you guys terribly. It is nice to be around family but I miss all my friends. WE LOVE YOU GUYS. Give the girls kisses for me.


Happy Birthday Lexie!!

I love this post!